Monday, April 12, 2010

Postal Service.


^this LOVELY made envelope of a red lipped Marilyn is from Lauren Nicole (you can see the rest of her series on her mail blog). As if her envelope + letter wasn't enough, L. Nicole sent along 3 film postcards including the one above of my girlfriend Penelope Cruz. love!

^this one from Sophie in Australia came in today and I might have done a Robbie Williams-esque dance when I saw him on the envelope. Yes, I will ALWAYS be teeny bopper when it comes to him. No shame. This envelope reminded me of the pen pal letters of my youth... i got into pen palling when i was 12 and moved to Texas from Germany. Robbie Williams was HUGE everywhere else in the world but sadly, not in the U.S. I would swap for magazine clippings and posters of Robbie for the Backstreet Boys or whatever American celeb they wanted. ha. Dear friendships were started from these exchanges, and I'm happy I'm back to pen palling again.

^Passion is such a sweet girl. She sent me Domo envelopes i could send my brother in Iraq. Marco has a little stuffed Domo that belonged to my niece sophia that he would take pictures of in different places. It started when he was on a euro trip so there was Domo in Pisa, Domo in front of the Eiffel Tower, etc and now Domo is in Iraq (below).

i can't wait to send a Domo letter to my brother (of course I'll address it to Marco & Domo) THANK YOU Passion!!!

^this sweet bit of unexpected sunshine came today from Cole. I love the star garland! Cole, i won't forget to turn up the radio and dance. (dance with one hand up- "Elizabethtown")

^i got another little parcel from Lauren Nicole (she spoils her friends, i can just tell). Inside was a neat little notepad to keep track of the various wines me & Max share (i am known to buy my wine according to how fun the label is). This will come in handy! She also sent a notebook to use as a traveling journal between us. I giggled at the sticker inside - yes i do!

^From Gracie in Australia. She sent along notecards from her etsy that she hopes to start up again (please do Gracienne!) and two beautiful cards she said made her think of me (i love it's because it has to do with italia, my heaven on earth). I loved getting to know her through her letter cos it seems we have a lot in common (besides being filipino - cheers!).

^this postcard came in today from my Elaine in Canada. I LOVE the old telephone image and may have to frame it to put by our collection of vintage phones. Elaine it was SO good to hear from you again! give my hugs to precious Dylan.

^Steph sent along spring wishes on the back of this cute postcard. I want to get little peg dolls of my little family (yes our 2 dogs included!) for our wedding.

^a Postcrossing from Germany with a book recommendation & vintage looking easter stickers on the back.


^my reply to Passion. A bit of a paper collage on the envelope? something like that. *wink

^this is one i was happy to send because it's to a soldier who was in Iraq (who's address I got from a Veteran's Christmas party I went to with my pappa) and she came home earlier this month!

^a thank-you to Angie for the card catalog tags she sent me. P.S. lovies, she's hosting her first ever giveaway! check it out here (i love the owl pillow!)

^a reply to Lauren Nicole made out of French scrapbook paper.

^from left to right: a long over due letter to my Sanja. She's my first pen pal and we've kept in touch ever since we were 13 (if not younger). I love her! You can imagine how much we've shared over the years... first kisses, first periods, first heartache... first everything. / a postcard to a postcrosser who wanted black & white images and said she liked music. This one is made from a recycled album cover and is on it's way to Lithuania. / a reply to Gracie with a small housewarming gift / and a spring postcard for Steph.

^a postcrossing going to an Andy in Tawaiin. (another album cover made postcard). I told him about an old coworker with the same name and how we used to take smoke breaks & discuss movies.

Cheers to Happy Mail!!!

*i got the sweetest surpise package in the mail this week that I can't wait to share with you soon (it has to do with postcrossing). i just adore random acts of kindness & this was really unexpected. It shall get a post all on it's own. xo


Jamie said...

Loooove ALL your mail! Awesome!
Hope you're having a beautiful day!!! xoxo

Zoƫ said...

I'm a new subscriber but I absolutely love your posts and your mail, but sent and received is absolutely gorgeous. If you are interested in any more penpals I'd love to correspond :) I'm still looking to find a few more penpals who love to put effort into their mail (I've found that isn't really the case with swap-bot and postcrossing) and if you send me your address I can totally make the first effort, or otherwise my address is on my site :) Even if you're penpal-overloaded at the moment, just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I enjoy your lovely posts.

Annie Cristina said...

Aw, I love this post. Wish I got cute mail, too, but all I ever get is bills! Boo.

P.S.) I adore Domo! I have a mini collection going, from all the Domos my boyf has given me. :)

Erin said...

Love, love, love, love, love it! All of it! So fantastic to have a mailbox bursting with loveliness! I have a new postcard collection and several of them have Micaela written all over them! Also have a letter in the works.

Can't wait to get your package. I will post all about it! And I know I'll love it, because it's from you. And not to worry that it's late. Just makes the birthday last that much longer!

Love you, lovely girl! Enjoy those last few days of unemployment... And look forward to all the fun ahead!

xoxo E

PS: I haven't read Eat, Pray, Love. Will add it to my must-read list right now.

Claire Kiefer said...

You are definitely the one who inspired me to do the cd exchange! I literally thought "Micaela does a zillion swaps, so I can certainly handle just one"--haha! For that reason, I'd love to send you a copy of whatever I make for my partner . . . send me your address at and I'll send it along!

Anna said...

such happy mail! i love the photos your brother takes of domo! SO CUTE! and the wine list is great too!

happy monday micaela!

Ashlee said...

there are too many pretty packages in this post!

the little button journal is sooo cute.

Ashlee said...

there are too many pretty packages in this post!

the little button journal is sooo cute.

Megan said...

I love the button journal, how sweet. All your mail is gorgeous. Doesnt make your day a little bit brighter when you open the mailbox and there is something sweet inside? As you can tell I am really loving mail at the moment.
Looking forward to seeing the surprise package!

jozen said...

OHMYGOODNESS!! it's like christmas everyday at your house!!


Sandra said...

I am loving all the mail time mondays from you and Belen!! I think once I start getting and sending more mail, I'll do a mail time monday post of my own!

I am in LOVE with the Marilyn envelope!! And I'm off to visit her blog to see the rest. :)

ps. I've written a small new post that I'm sure you'll enjoy. :) For all the hopeful romantics. X)

Wild and Precious said...

happy mail in deed! beautimus!

I’d love for you to stop by:

Gracie said...

Wheee!! All that beautiful mail makes me jump up and down and squeal! I'm so glad you got my little letter and I'm sooo excited to get your package! Eee!

I think it's the greatest that you are still in contact with your first penpal. I lost most of my original penpals :( Sometimes I wish I could find them again.

I just love that more and more people are getting back into snail mail. A big Eeeee! for mail :) xx

missy. said...

lady you are SO loved! shall we do a pair giveaway for summer?! flip flops? sunnies? receipes?!


Belen said...

"The FOB of Choice."

So I know it doesn't stand for Fresh of the Boat, but I can't help but laugh anyway!

I wrote you a letter last night after getting off work, and I'm finishing up the final touches tonight too.

I'm in the middle of cleaning out more clothes from my closet. Even though it means less of a selection to wear, I'm removing all my "I don't ever ever ever wear these unless I haven't done laundry" clothes. I'm hoping it'll help me work towards a closet of smaller sized clothing. :) AND to force me to get off my butt and do my laundry more often, hahaha.

Kristin said...

More happy mail is coming your way lady!

SweetLime313 said...

I'm impressed! What a fun thing to do! Actually, I've been a quiet reader of your blog for a while now and I have to let you know you inspired me to find a pen pal! I've only got one, but hey its a start :) Enjoy all the wonderful packages and all that's to come for you! Oh, and here's my blog if you want to follow how my pen pal writing adventure is going =P

Micaela said...

zoe, can't wait to hear from you! :) i always love a new person to get to know through old fashioned letters.

Erin, i can't believe your birthday parcel is just enjoying flying around before it lands on your doorstep lol I'm crossing my fingers you got it today or tomorrow but cheers to spreading the birthday love! maybe it did stop off at the LOST island after all ;) thank you for the well wishes on said job starting... ugh. love to you always! & YES, please do read Eat, Pray, Love. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT ALREADY!

Claire, FABULOUS! you are too kind :) you'll have fun doing swaps and what a great one to start with. I can't wait to get your CD and i'll make you a copy of mine for sure. x

Jozen, i giggled at your comment cos it really is! :)

Sandra, you are the kindnest girl & write/give the most thoughtful notes/gifts. I'm already looking forward to your posts! :) and your blog post-- SWOON! don't old cute couple in love make you happy to have found someone special; someone you can really see being with at that age? le sigh. and i LOVED that you called your dream boat afterwards ;) xo

Wild & Precious, THANK YOU and will do!

Gracie, i LOVE that me and sanja have managed to stay in touch all these years. I tell you more about how i got into pen palling in your letter :) can't wait for you to get it & i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed yours.

Missy- chapstick, shimmer lotion- I'M ALL FOR IT! love you!

Belen, LOL @ the FOB. You inspired me to do the mail posts btw :) and GOOD FOR YOU on spring cleaning of the closet. I did the opposite before i left- i got rid of my unrealistic "skinny clothes" and let me tell you- it was overpowering just the same lol kisses to you and charlie girl!

Kristen, cheers!!! :)

Sweet Lime, thank-you so much! really, you made my day. I would love to follow your adventures! and new army wife? congrats!!! :) thanks for following my rambling... i sincerly love each of my readers for being part of my dolce vita. xo

i-zilla said...

omg those domo envelopes are to die for! lol i would love getting his angry face in the mail!

Faiza said...

hearting domo!

Elaine said...

look at all those goodies!!! i wish my mailbox was THAT FULL on a weekly basis!

hugs & kisses, doll.


Sara said...

OMG OMG all those buttons!! SO SWEET!

Fabi said...

Wow, really happy mail. I love the envelopes you got and all the other stuff. Can't wait for the post for the package.

I would love to get mail with so much love in it as well ;)! I mean I get a lot wonderful mail, but yours is so wonderful as well.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

HA! I love "I heart boys who sparkle!"

And you never did tell me what sort of Robbie Williams tattoo you wanted, but this post made me remember that.

Tillie said...

oh my goodness, i wish my mailbox loooked like this!

Lauren Nicole said...

oh my goodness 'caela, my internet was out for three days! crazyness...but i am so happy to read all these posts! <3 your mail-posts have become some of THE best ever and await monday patiently for you to post about the lovely mail that arrives in your mailbox every week. :] once again, so-so glad you liked both your envelope AND the package. <3 so excited 'bout our traveling journal. <3 <3
- L

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