Tuesday, April 13, 2010


i rediscovered a CD made for me by a very Austin-ite boy I knew once. This gorgeous song by Damien Rice called "Delicate" is on it and i can't stop listening to it.

"so why'd you fill my sorrows
with the words you've borrowed..."

this boy I knew had me watch "my sassy girl" cos the character was sweetly damaged. He said when he watched it, he thought of me.

One summer night we sat outside on a bench sharing a bottle of some kind of alcohol

discussing life and the mess i was in

(always in)

our conversation filled the Texas air
outside my downtown loft.

We might have been holding hands.
i remember him asking if he could kiss me.

i could never figure him out,
But somehow he had me pegged.

Damaged. Sweetly Damaged.
A personality bigger than she was.

coffee dates. breakfast.
late night conversations at work before my weekend morning show.
cigarettes... his American Spirits.

We were good friends once.
i remember a desperate call at 5 a.m.
i remember the drive to him, i laughed cos i wished on what i thought was a shooting star that turned out to be a plane.

i was there for him.

And now a disregarded CD he made titled "bad ass music for a bad ass friend" is there for me.

these lyrics are bouncing around inside my chest.

"it's not that we're scared
it's just that it's delicate..."

(bench linoleum block print from Nydam Press / images via weheartit)


Sarah C said...

sounds like a good friend. i think rediscovering old mix cds is like opening an old photo album. they just capture a mood - an era - a relationship - so well. makes me want to dust some of my old ones off, although i'm nervous about what i might find.

(now i want to find my old damien cd's as well. god, that man can SING!)

Claire Kiefer said...

What a sweet post! I'm not even really a movie person but I'm gonna watch that one for sure . . . seems like it would be right up my alley. ;) And I think lists like that are so important--good reminders that help center us. Damien Rice is so beautiful--this song is beautiful--though maybe the one I think is most beautiful is Accidental Babies. xoxoxoxo.

The Socialite said...

You have such a way of embracing and describing such great emotions. :)

Hope Chella said...

I love the pictures with the smoke =)

Have a great night,
Hope xx

Gracie said...

You have such wonderful and interesting friendships. I feel like some of my friendships are so shallow.

That song is really great. I really love listening to certain types of music depending on my mood.

Maybe I will try watching that movie too.

Tillie said...

Oh Boy I simply love damien rice. What a wonderful post!

kittycat said...

this is really lovely. i have cd's from old friends or just friends i don't get to see very often anymore and i love finding songs on those cd's. or just revisiting those days. very very nice.

you always have the best posts, seriously! and be expecting a letter from me!! i sent it yesterday ^_^


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I've been thinking of you dear and wanted to say hi. What a sweet gesture from your friend and what a sweet song.

Melissa A. @ Design Delights said...

Hey you beautiful Woman, I've been missing you too. Trying to juggle too many things along with blogging I guess, but you are still on my mind alot and in my prayers too. Here's something you might like. I just found it. Blogger has a new way to make your template how you want, it's called draft blogger. Here is the link.
Just click on draft on your dashboard and then when you go to layout, click on template designer and you can change your blog yourself to three columns or there are lots of other options too. Too bad I didn't know about this earlier. Try it and let me know what you think. We'll talk soon.

i-zilla said...

everything you write sounds like a poem. what a lovely post :)

Brandi said...

I discovered Damien Rice back in 2002 when I was visiting Ireland. His music and lyrics are absolutely haunting. I'm so happy you love this song -- it's one of my favorites.

Mary Cee said...

i love damien rice! especially this song.
isnt it funny when people seem to peg you so well even when you can never figure them out...
and mix cds are the best :]

Erika said...

i had a really bad breakup once and i mostly listened to damien rice and cried for hours on end. looking back i feel a little silly, but i still can never get over how awesome his voice is.

Lauren Nicole said...

quite possibly my most favorite post from you, ever. so, so amazing. it's kind of hard to explain why though, but it truly is. the little paragraphs describing your time with him = brilliant and so moving in a subtle way. YOU are amazing miss micaela, lovelove
- L

shelly said...

i love Damien Rice and i am heading over to netflix right now to find this movie.

and i peeked...your rules of dating Max....make me feel all mushy inside :)

such a sweet post.

joAnn said...

this is truly one of my favorite songs.

J. said...

Love this. Love, Love, Love this.

Annie said...

i love damien rice!
never heard that song before though...i like it!

Anna said...

this is beautifully written. plus your description of the guy "very austin-ite" is great

i love damien rice too

Jamie said...

I love how you write! So beautiful! I love that movie "My Sassy Girl". Very relatable. (is that even a word? you know what I mean, lol)

It's amazing how a song can take us instantly back to a time and place.

JP said...

i love damien rice.
also - i LOVE these billowy smoke photos.

Katie said...

i LOVE damien rice. the blower's daughter is one of my all-time-FAVS!!!

missy. said...

i adore damien rice. he always has some song lyric to fit your mood.

what a sweet post love!

Jen said...

Sounds like a serious but sweet case of nostalgia to me. I've been struck with that too lately. I think it's spring. Something about the transitional seasons that makes us nostalgic.

Well Nice Chels said...

Its odd, I have a similar story. A mix, a good friend, things unable to figure out, but somehow already figured out whether you want it to be or not. Could be a sad story but really it is a happy one just disguised in order to keep the mind working and striving for more.

Oh mix cd's and damien rice... So good.

I agree with anna, love that you call him "very austin-ite" there is no where better in my opinion these days.

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