Friday, January 14, 2011

Do You Think I'm Tex-y

O.P.I. will be introducing 12 new shades for their Spring/Summer collection, all inspired by my Texas. love it!!! i also love that shelly sent me the link, thinking of her two fave texas girls (me + twinkie... awww)

Lauren sent me a link to this beautiful necklace by beatrice bosquez. i love that people associate Texas with me because i love my home state so much.

thank-you ladies!

and just so you all know... i think you're totally Tex-y! 

Happy Friday lovies!!!


Claire Kiefer said...

What amazing colors! I love the first bright pink one . . . and the turquoise . . . they're all so pretty! I hope several of them join your collection. :)

Micaela said...

claire, i thought of you when she sent it to me.. Miss OPI herself ;) another resolution of mine is to paint my nails again-- i always get pedis but when i worked with the sweet puppies in VA, i could never paint my nails. Now, i can! :)


shelly said...

i love it :) i think you are totally tex-y!

Rhianne said...

Oh my, these are beautiful, I love OPI! Shame we won't get any over here though, boooo!!

hope your move went well lovely, we'll have to catch up properly soon :) x

April said...

Puns are only funny when they're said by people you love, you tex-y lady. ;)
I saw that OPI line advertised in a magazine the other day. Very bold, OPI, very bold.

carmar76 said...

i miss painting my nails, and that turquoise could make me start again... *sings to self in head* if you think i'm tex-y and you want my polish...


Phoenix Peacock said...

your too cute. and I'm always up for purple and turquoise nails.
ps. glad my mail is making it to you

Erin said...

Fun! I love O.P.I. aOne of my favourite thngs about going for a pedicure is choosing the colour with the most amusing name!

Alan got me a spa gift certificate for Christmas. I think I'll fight these January blues by taking myself for a pedi very soon...

Happy weekend, Tex-y girl!

Sandra said...

I love the necklace!! You're also the first person I think of when I think Texas. :)

ps. my nails are totally that shade of turquoise right now!! X)


Cassie said...

So you could have a Texas colour a month Micaela! That necklace is so you too.

Glad to hear you are loving being back 'home'.

Wishing you a fab weekend.

kateigh said...

suzi loves cowboys... i am in LOVE!

missed you micaela girl!! i feel like i have missed sooo much.
a wedding (CONGRATS!!!!) a cross country move! it will take me weeks to get thu all missed posts, but i will do it!

Maddy said...

ooohhh, I like the green one best! I wish they made Florida shades! I would die!

Marisa said...

I love the colors. I am kind of boring and usually on wear red or clear... this has inspired me to try something new!

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