Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens... + a terrible old school photo of me with short hair.

you lovies are so cute to think i could pull off short hair! my twin sister always wore hers short short {to be like Posh Spice} throughout high school and some in college.

i always kept mine long until my first semester in college when i decided to chop it off.

and with my thick hair, it was like a helmet! my always round cheeks seemed to be even rounder with my short hair. i hated it.

this was the only photo i could dig up of my short hair... and i'm not even looking at the camera! (yup, that's me on the far right)

i sent this to my twinkie this morning and we couldn't even remember my hair ever being that short because i've always worn it so long. in fact, in this photo my hair was already starting to grow out.

if my little sis wasn't getting married this july and i wasn't a bridesmaid, i probably would chop off my hair again and take jessie's hair motto... "it'll grow back!"

what about you? 

how long do you wear your hair?

what's the shortest you've gone?

have you ever dyed it drastically?


Connie said...

I always say what the heck it will grow back, so I have had short, medium and long hair. I feel like cutting it off right now, but fearing I might not have much time for myself over the next couple of months after becoming a mum, so I'll keep it long, then I can always go for a ponytail!

Marisa said...

I have always worn my hair long accept once in 1999. I chopped it all off in the original "Rachel" and I hated it on me SO bad. I even cried. Growing it back seemed to take an eternity....

Claire Kiefer said...

Micaela I LOVE YOUR HAIR THAT LENGTH! I couldn't imagine it before I saw this picture, but I love it! So much! It's adorable, and um you OBVIOUSLY pull it off. Cuuuuuute! Almost makes me want to cut mine off!

I've always had long hair for the most part. I (accidentally) got it cut shoulder length when I was like 22 but that's the only time it's been short.

I dyed it DARK BROWN in college and it looked pretty ridiculous. I generally think that hair looks better at least in the same family as its natural color, haha.

I LOOOOOOVE yours like this. Wish you could find more pics!!

Claudia said...

I've always had short a way these curls never seem to go down my shoulders :( When I decide and try to let my hair grow they go afro on me and I chop them off again to short short. I love it when I straighten them!

BrittanButterfly said...

Hey Michaela, I wanted to let you know that I have chosen you as one of the bloggers that I pass the Stylish Blogger Award on to!
Congrats love!
(go to my blog for the details about the award:


Amanda said...

funny that you should ask... yesterday i cut off 9+ inches to donate. i was seriously attached to my long hair. i loved it. i still love it. and i miss it. but somebody else needs it. i'm of the same philosophy, my chubby happy cheeks look a little poofier with the short hair, but "it will grow".

Erin said...

I haven't had long hair since Junior High!! I've worn my hair in a bob for the past few years and I love it. I don't have the patience for long hair. My hair used to be super short and I get the urge to chop it all off into a pixie, but I never give in. And, I'm always dying my hair some new shade or another...have been since I was 11. lol.

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

DO IT, MM! I will grow back! hahaha! It looks great at that length.

how long do you wear your hair? it's pixie'ish.

what's the shortest you've gone? pixie

have you ever dyed it drastically? i want to go plat blonde!

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Aw I think you look cute, but your long hair is absolutely gorgeous just as it is!

I used to have long hair, too, but as you know, I cut it all off and had a pixie cut (or as I call it, a 'boy haircut'). I loved it!! Now it's in a short bob, like Amelie, and I feel really *me* :-)

I only dyed my hair again!

April said...

My hair has basically always been red and pretty curly, but at varying lengths. People compared me to Shirley Temple when I was little. I cut it about chin-length when I was in high school and it was an awful mistake. Both times I did it... haha. Right now I want really, really long hair, but I can't seem to grow it past my shoulders.

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

That's a cute photo! Currently my hair is shoulder length, I been very very very short and can't say that I have ever colored it any really crazy colors

Lauryn said...

I just recently cut off a lot of length, and I go back and forth every day as to whether I really like it... but your friend is right... it will always grow back!

Nic said...

I have that motto as well. Actually it is 'It's just hair.' So mine is short right now. And I love it. Mine is also curly so sometimes it doesn't behave. Like today. I am a bob girl but right now it is even shorter and with my new specs I feel like a geeky smart chick. :) I dyed mine a year and a half before my wedding- more like extreme highlights- that were pink and brassy blond but were supposed to be purple so we went back and added blue and then it looked witchy and old (grey) so I dyed them back to my dark brown. The dye came out and they turned green. So I ended up still using Aveda color shampoo by the time I got married. And then on my honeymoon in Napa Valley we were at a wine tastings all morning and I was drunk, went shopping while my hubs slept it off in the room, and this woman at the little shopping center told me that this gallery wasn't open on Tuesdays that I was looking in the window at and I asked her what she did and she owned a salon. I went up and she cut off all my hair! My hubs was surprised when I came back but it was a load off! :)

Sorry, that was a lot of babble. I think you could pull off that haircut on Shannyn Sossamon in that movie... :) You'd look a lot like her actually.

J. said...

You know me (and my motto!) Long, short, light brown, blonde, black, purple, blonde in back/brown in front, blue, red, bangs, no bangs- I've had it ALL.
Currently, I have feathers beaded into my hair, and I love it. They're very subtle (which isn't me) but they're also pretty rock n roll. :)

Jen said...

Oh, I like your hair short! I bet with some layers and some side-swept bangs, your hair would look so pretty short now!

I try to keep my hair so it just hits the top of my shoulder blades, with triple layers to prevent my curly hair from looking like a pyramid on my head.

The shortest I went was chin-length when I chopped off 12 inches four years ago to donate to Locks of Love. It was a little crazy, but that's the first time I got layers, and now I'd never go back.

Meghan said...

I've never had super super short hair, but I did dye it red:) And I will never go back to blonde!

Erin said...

Shortest I ever had was my "I'm trying to look like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail" cut. It was pretty cute, but impossible to keep looking good all day. And I never did look as cute as Kathleen Kelly!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh my gosh, that doesn't even look like you! i think i like your hair better longer. you have such pretty, thick hair, so you can pull off a lot of styles, though.

once mine finally got long, i decided not to cut it off because i'd been through WAY too many hair mishaps when i thought i'd try a new, short style! a lot of people ask me if i'm going to cut my hair, or even tell me i should...over my dead body!


carmar76 said...

that is such a cute picture! : )

my favorite length for me is just at my chin, but lately it's been below my shoulders because i haven't had time to get it cut properly. pretty soon i'm just going to take the scissors to it, tho, cuz i'm impatient (and cheap) like that. : ) i used to keep my dark brown hair red, but right now (again, time, $$) it's just natural - single silver hair & all!

Cole said...

After having some crazy short hair cuts (and even crazier stylists) I definitely go by the rule "it's just hair, it'll grow back."
In the fall of my freshman year of high school I had suuuuuuuper short hair (like to my ears!) and it was horrible, I've always thought that shorter hair makes the rest of my body look fat (as if the chocolate cake I eat doesn't-haha)
I'm super jealous you have such thick hair, mine is very fine & we've got soft water at our new house which turns it baby soft, which means I've been struggling with how to do it.

Karolina said...

Oh I envy you the thick hair a bit! Mine is quite weak, so i can't ever have it long. I have it short now- it only reaches my chin. I dyed it very very white in the end of high school. It was fun!


Alyssa said...

my hair is looonnnnnnng. It was almost to my butt a few weeks ago but i had to have a trim.. I need long hair so i can get the thick mess into braides and things. Damn thick hair.

I went to a hairdresser a few years ago and said i wanted it cut "TO MY SHOULDERS" and BROWN.
I walked out with purple hair and it all about 2 inches long. I cried and cried like a maniac once i left and wore a beanie till it grew out.
The weird thing was everyone said it suited me. I think they were all crazy :)

I'll stick to my pretty long hair me thinks :)

Cassie said...

I love your hair that length actually. You have thickness to your hair though that I am super jealous of. Mine is so thin and nothing can be done to it to make it any thicker or anything other than dead straight.

I did go short to my chin when I was in my first year at uni and majorly regretted it because my face is also round and it made me look so much chubbier. Now it is the longest I think it has ever been. I have never, ever dyed my hair though but fear that will have to change very soon as my grey hairs are beginning to creep in - argh!

Ria said...

Yay for short hair! I just got mine cut to the shortest it's ever been, just below the jaw at the front and much shorter at the back and I LOVE it! I've been toying with the idea for years and I wish I'd had the chop earlier :D

I've been dying my hair since I was 13 or 14 - EEP! - I've been various shades of brown and red, also black and blue/black, but I'd say my year and a half spent pink, purple and blue was most drastic. It was also a lot of fun, but so is my new hair ;)

Gracie said...

You do look adorable from the side :)

I've chopped my hair short various times and I don't mind it, but when it first happens I always feel a sense of loss.

As for dyeing I've only done it drastically once. And it was a mistake. It was 4 shades lighter than my hair and it was uneven (home job). This is actually one of the times I lopped it off because of the uneveness of the colour. Ugh never again!

erin elder said...

I've always been a "just do it" kind of hair person. my hairdresser actually admits she gets more nervous than me when she does anything drastic. I've had all kinds of colors and cuts: i've gone as far as pink streaks, but have no photos : (
the most drastic thing i did recently was go from a shoulder length blonde to a very short black and blonde bob with blunt bangs...

you can see it at its best in the first photo of this post:

and p.s. i'm with Claire on this one... i LOVE that cut on you! its very fresh and pretty!!

Leesh said...

I wear my hair long and black with thick straight bangs. The shortest hair I have had was back in 1999 when I had a pixie cut but I also dyed it blond.

I really want to find a photo of it because I look so different with it.

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