Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a giveaway to tell you about because i believe in it so.

head over to meg fee's blog and enter this beautiful giveaway {her blog's first}.

Nakate is a project both to be inspired and moved by.

About Nakate:

The women of Eastern Uganda are living in a dead market. Where there are wares, there are seldom customers to buy them. Where there are customers, vendors often struggle with debilitating AIDS and malaria that keeps them from continuing work.
The necklaces we sell are providing a global market for products that would otherwise remain unsold. We began our project in August of 2010, when Shanley returned from Uganda with a sack of necklaces, and a dream to help the women she had met.

one lucky reader will receive the kaunna necklace  :  enter here now.


wilybrunette said...

thanks for spreading the word sweet lady. (ps: the pics of your new home had me swooning!).

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

this is great!

Shanley Knox said...

thanks for this! I really appreciate you spreading the word!

Faiza said...

my mom and dad are both from uganda. it breaks my heart that their childhood home is still suffering, still so broken, still so messed up about making people a priority above all else. my prayers go out to the children there.

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