Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guest Post from Lauren @ Letters, She Wrote

hello there lovelies! i'm lauren, from 'letters, she wrote' and i'm SO happy to be guest-posting for lady micaela while she and max are getting settled in texas. moving can be a crazy thing; but i know with it's insane beginning, the end of it will be smooth sailing. :] cannot wait to hear all the stories from caela and see some photos of el paso, right? me too.

"With as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: a picture, a poem, a song (or piece of music), a quote, an item of clothing, and a place."

A Picture :

this is a photo of me after i got back from my england incident. bianca sent this package to me and it was full of lovelies and a wonderful note, it really gave my life some sunshine when i needed it most. a couple weeks after that, we had our first phone conversation; which wound up lasting about 4ish hours. bee is one of my closest and most caring friends, (she was the first person to react to each of my announcements about england not sure what i'd do without her.

A Poem:

'people as flowers' by charles bukowski

such singing's going on in the
streets -
the people look like flowers
at last

the police have turned in their
the army has shredded it's uniforms and
weapons. there isn't any need for
jails or newspapers or madhouses or
locks on the doors.

(this is just the first couple paragraphs of the poem, my favorite parts. the actual poem is three pages long in 'the people look like flowers at last' by charles bukowski.)

A Song:

the beatles are my heart and soul. when i really think about it, it isn't that hard actually to choose a favorite song of theirs. 'get back' somehow just makes the cut. makes me smile, laugh and dance. paul mccartney's voice here is so brilliant and in the rooftop clip, lennon's guitar playing is amazing. if you ever want to get to know me, listen to a beatles album, especially one from the latter of their career.


"And what else are letters for if you can't tear out your heart, staple it to a page and mail it across the world?" - V. Paige Baker

"There is nothing more artistic than to truly love people." - Van Gogh

quotes are one of my most favorite things in the world. couldn't just pick one. ;]

Item of Clothing:
oddly, i'm not a big clothes gal. LOVE fashion, but just wear whatever looks good most of the time. plaid shirts are a favorite though, always works out great in the fitting room. 


i've moved around my whole life, never living anywhere longer than five years. so when it cam time to pick a certain place, i came up with nothing google-earth wise. moreso, a shop. anthropologie is one of my favorite shops in existence and whenever i go in there, planning to spend 10 dollars or 100, i always get buckets of inspiration no matter what. sometimes if i haven't been in a while, i will just wander around filling my mind up with ideas and loveliness for hours upon end. (photo taken by my dad)

thanks so much you guys for letting me share my heart! hope that you're having the loveliest of thursdays, will see you soon on the blog! and thank you to caela for being so amazing in asking me to guest post! love you so much and cannot wait to hear all about your new home in texas! lovelovelove.


J. said...

I am a big Bukowski fan- great choice!
And the Beatles? Don't even get me started!! Our hearts are so very similar! <3

MArisa said...

I too am a huge Bukowski fan... and I love your quotes choices. It is so hard to pick just one isn't it. The Beatles? Of course, they ahve a song for every mood. Perfect choice.
Such a beautiful heart Lauren.

Claire Kiefer said...

So that shirt you posted is SO PRETTY! I haven't been clothes shopping in a while but suddenly I'm getting the urge. And yes, I love plaid! On men, on women, all the time. :)

Marz said...

I just adored reading your answer Lauren. That poem and the comments by the girls makes me want to check out Bukowski's work. I also love how your place was not a city, but a shop. And would you believe I have NEVER been in anthropologie?! Van Gogh is one of my favourites and I love his quotes! You picked a great one :) Such a sweet heart!

Micaela said...

what a fabulous and artistic heart. i had always loved having pen pals but you inspired me to add art into it. (you have THE BEST art mail!)
and yes, bianca... there's another girl with a great heart!

i really wish i could have taken you to see Sir Paul! he's AMAZING!!!

i can't think of anthro without thinking of you and i heart that it's your place :) so cute!

i have LOVED reading about everyone's hearts. it fills MY HEART to know i call you all my dearest friends. xoxo

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