Monday, January 17, 2011

Postal Service.

forgive that some love letters were packed before i got a chance to snap a photo (i still have to show you an amazing christmas gift from claire) so this will be highly condensed in the spirit of trying to get my blog back to regular scheduling.

^pretty chagall postcard from Phoennix

^christmas from Kary : wedding memories to fill in, jewelry decor box, h&m jewelry and scarf (all so girly and pretty just like her!) the owl was special because we are both night owls and would stay up all night if we could lol gracias mi dulce amiga! x

^my first postcrossing to my new home from Dallas, TX

^loveliness from Gracie : mail holder she had posted about that i mentioned loving (isn't she so sweet?) and her favorite knickers/sleepwear! gracie i haven ever felt a softer tank top... pure comfort! loving the purple knee highs. thank-you with all my heart!!!

April sent me a glass bulldog ornament wearing a tutu that i thought was awesome! and Kat sent me fun birdie hair pins & anthro ceramic salt and pepper pig shakers that are darling. Priya sent us a beautiful wedding frame and the sweetest letter. {Again, both are packed up still at the moment}

^a little thank-you for Phoenix for the delicious tins of christmas cookies she sent us- her husband calls her bunny so when i saw this kissing bunnies necklace from pepper sprouts, it had her name all over it.

^i got this handmade camera ornament for rhianne from barbara portraits who was so nice to custom make it in a color she doesn't usually do - YELLOW because that is rhianne as we know :) i was so impressed!
^for april : i found this vintage necklace on a thrifting date and i loved that it said her name on the back. (first pic is from her fun blog

^for what i sent my bestie for christmas, head on over to Marisa's blog post that made me blush. 

Happy MLK day lovies!!! what a brilliant man he was.


Claire Kiefer said...

Love seeing all of these, and I loved Marisa's post about your sweet gifts. And what a find for April!

Karina said...

I am so happy you loved your Christmas presents sweetie even though they were somewhat minuscule ;( I promise to do better next time!

The bracelets look lovely, and our badge - The Night Owls!

I LOVE you mi hermana te quiero mucho! xoxoxoxox

P.S.I also love what Gracie sent you it is so cute ;)

April said...

From seeing posts like these, and being a happy recipient, you are just the most amazing gift giver!!!
I just finished hanging up all my posters. The one you sent me is right in the middle!! Can't wait to show you a picture!

Gracie said...

Oh you truly send the most beautiful packages! I must get back into my mail posts soon.

I'm so glad you liked the package! The singlet is really soo soft and I love wearing it as PJ's.

Everything is so lovely! I love that you personalise everything you find and send too!

Simply Me said...

Aww're welcome dear ..I am just so glad you liked it :)
and isn't kary the sweetest to send you such awesome mail ..and your bestie ..I heart her post ..

i-zilla said...

love the sparkly girlie bracelets! so pretty!

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