Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens : red lips!

one of my resolutions for this new year is to wear red lipstick like i used to. i believe you don't need much make-up as long as you have red lips and it works with anyone (honest!).

(ladies, Revlon's PhotoReady foundation is magical! seriously, my skin has never looked better though i promise i'm not this cullen-like; too much flash)

last week i asked everyone to show off your red pouts. thank-you to everyone who played along! it always means so much to me.

check out these red-lipped beauties:

^Jess who doesn't believe any date is complete without red lipstick

^Claudia who says she hardly wears make-up but decided to go to Target and get some to surprise her husband. I bet he loves it! *wink

 ^Marianne {my twinkie} who lives for carmex and smokey eyes donned red for me and gave me a kiss!

 ^Jess who is documenting the whole red attempt on her blog (i love it!) Tip for the smoochers: jess swears by l'oreal infallible color crimson. She says it has amazing staying power, doesn't bleed, and "I can kiss *him* as much as I want without sharing the lipstick." 

 ^Shell's red lips define her arches beautifully

 ^Erin all lipsticked up in "goldplum pearl." She has the talent to apply lipstick without ever needing a mirror. amazing! also amazing is she's in her work office and behind her is a Twilight photo of Edward Cullen. Work inspiration? indeed.

 ^Courtney who says she loves pulling a "Karen O from time to time."

 ^Kary's smile is even more beautiful with red lips.

 ^Phoenix who looks both french & like bettie page in her fabulous bangs and lips. 

^Sandra in the first lipstick she ever bought : MAC Russian Red. her words: "I felt... beautiful. :) I guess red lipstick does that, huh? ;)" 

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick."

-Gwyneth Paltrow


The Shabby Princess said...

Russian Red is my favorite red lipstick!

I'm going to need to try that L'Oreal kind cause sometimes the MAC kind fades in weird places when I wear it.

Lauryn said...

Look at all of those gorgeous red lips! I'm always afraid to try it myself, but I'm starting to be more brave and wear red gloss. Small steps, right? :)

Erin said...


a life of color said...

I have always been one for only wearing a chapstick of some sort. Lately though I have been trying out lip colors but this post has really inspired me to try out red lips!

Meghan said...

Everyone is so adorable! I wish I could pull off the red lips!

Cole said...

Everybodys red lips are beautiful!

carmar76 said...

Aww! Everyone looks so beautiful in the red lips! : ) I've never really felt comfortable in lipstick. Lip balm is as far as I go. I used to love doing my eyes up, tho.

Karina said...

I Loved this virtual date Mrs.Cullen ;) it was lots of fun ;) and everyone looks Beautiful ;) - To flirt with ones lips is oh so very sexy ;) Thank you ;) and I've got dibbs in Johnny baby! Love you xoxo

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

loved this post! :)

Fallon said...

Pretty! I look scary in lipstick so I had to sit this one out :) You all look lovely though!

Raquel said...

Micaeeela, just wanted to say hi! I still read but I read through my reader on my phone and it doesn't allow me to comment but I'm still here!

Just wanted to say congratulations to you and your DH! ;)

Farah said...

Oh no! I completely spaced on this date! I had a picture and everything. :( Oh well, maybe next time then

Rhianne said...

gah, how pretty are you all. I wish I could pull off red lippy but everytime I try it looks wrong :/ boooo!

bethany said... much fun! And seriously...everyone looks amazing in it!

Today is faux Valentines Day with my honey, since we'll be apart on real V-day, so I may just take a little trip to the store and pick up some red. :)

andrea said...

i am a fan of russian red too :)

Simply Me said...

I've never had the guts to wear a red lipstick ..but these pics make me wanna try so bad now ...I admit it does look hot ..maybe the incentive I need ..I am hopin :P

Shell said...

Hi Pretty Girl!

i got your comment on my blog, you are just wonderful! i love all your posts and this virtual date! so glad i was part! & you've inspired me to wear red lipstick every chance i get! you're too sweet i never knew i had arches like that until i tried my drugstore bought NYC (i think it was) red lipstick lol all because of you!! so thank you girl!!


Shell said...

P.S Love all the FOTOS beautiful red lippys!! && i found new blogs yay!! :)

erin elder said...

GAH!!! How did I miss this one???!!! I would have loved to play along. All you ladies look fabulous!!!

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