Monday, January 31, 2011

Postal Service.

^i really love this postcard from lauren. it reminds me of venice / labyrinth / and audrey hepburn.

^from kristina in slovenia : her mom made us this for a wedding gift {so sweet!} and it goes well in our kitchen
^fun letter from caiti

^from my postcrossing turned pen pal Celenia in Italy

^cassie sent me this cute 3-d card and on the envelope she had written, "home is where the heart is." 

^letter from ria in italy // cute card from priya

^fun card from erin {her friend Katie makes these!} erin wrote "El Paso is spicy, no? And most definitely hot!" i have the cutest friends!

 my little sis got me a box of urban outfitters polaroid cards (i love them!). these are going to erin / cassie {because when i think of those two, i think of pretty flowers} / and kristina
 ^another one to lauren

^and thank-you cards going to the church for all the giftcards they surprised us with for our new home!

can you believe january is finally over? i'm glad and yet february snuck up on me. last year i had already finished making hand made valentines for a handmade v-day swap and lately i've had no motivation whatsoever. :( 

i have been running though! and i have been learning my way around the kitchen -- which were both resolutions so go me :) 

but seriously, fun motivation, where are you hiding?!

update: so after reading claire's cute v-day post,  i threw on some clothes and headed to hobby lobby {man oh man i'm SO glad el paso has one!} and got some crafting supplies to make hand made cards again this year! as i was telling claire-- it's the day of love and i'm pretty lucky to have some amazing girlfriends. i can't wait to get started on valentines for them and it'll be a perfect day tomorrow since it's supposed to snow. fun motivation, it's so nice to see you again! x


shelly said...

ahhhhh that first postcard is an Elle Moss- i love her photography. and those Urban cards- i saw them a few weeks ago and totally thought of you! aren't they the cutest??!

Erin said...

Too bad we couldn't hang out together and have a Valentine's "crafternoon" with lots of paper doilies, pink glitter and heart shaped cut-outs! That might motivate me to make some festive cards too...

PS: Glad you got my letter. The second one headed out on Thursday!

Katyha said...

It will come back, when you least expect it ;)

April said...

Have fun making Valentines!!!

Sandra said...

aaw, I'm glad you got your crafting inspiration back! I remember last year's were gorgeous, and I'm sure these will be too! :)

Your mail monday posts always inspire me to write letters! Sending a little love your way in a bit. :)


Lauryn said...

Good for you for sticking to your resolutions! That's great!

It's so cool that you get mail from all over the world. Makes me smile :)

Claudia said...

you're so sweet! I will have another giveaway for my blog's anniversary I think it's in April! I still envy your mail box! ;)

MArisa said...

I love those polaroid cards... I have a few that you sent and they are so beautiful.

I wish I could gt in the mood for Valentines. The one you made me last year is the best I have ever received... xoxo

Simply Me said...

I am so glad you liked the card :) ..and as always love all the incoming and outgoing you receive and send ..its so much love :)

Lauren Nicole said...

awh, i'm so glad you liked the card! <3 i thought you might, it almost looks like a painting to me, not a photo, don't you think? :]

<3 <3

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