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Guest post: My Heart, from Erin @ Pughs' News

Hello there, lovelies! Happy New Year! I'm Erin from Pughs' News, and I'm thrilled to bits to be able to keep you company here on Micaela's blog while she travels to Texas with her darling husband. I'm excited about the assignment, to show you my heart.

Here are Micaela's instructions: "With as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: a picture, a poem, a song, a quote, an item of clothing, and a place."

I love a project like this! So, here goes {please ignore the fact that some of these aren't in the order they're listed above... Blogger's being glitchy and I'm still getting used to using it on my shiny new laptop!}:

A picture
These were taken on the days that my boys were born, Sawyer in 2007 (top) and Dylan (below) in 2005. The moment I laid my eyes on them, I felt like my heart would burst. Being a mum is without a doubt the hardest job I have ever done. But it's by far the most rewarding. I look at my boys now, growing so fast, and it's hard to believe they were ever this small.

A quote

I am a real quotes girl. A quote can be so inspiring, can't it? I collect them, write them down in journals, stick them on my fridge. I have a few favourites that I often refer back to {you've probably heard me mention "Keep Calm and Carry On" if you've ever visited me at Pughs' News!} The quote above is one I'm going to hold near to my heart this year. I think we take so many lovely little moments for granted, and miss out on so much as a result. I want to make sure I don't do that anymore.

{An excerpt from} a poem

Fern Hill

Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs
About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green,
The night above the dingle starry,
Time let me hail and climb
Golden in the heydays of his eyes,
And honoured among wagons I was prince of the apple towns
And once below a time I lordly had the trees and leaves
Trail with daisies and barley
Down the rivers of the windfall light.

And as I was green and carefree, famous among the barns
About the happy yard and singing as the farm was home,
In the sun that is young once only,
Time let me play and be...
All the sun long it was running, it was lovely, the hay
Fields high as the house, the tunes from the chimneys, it
was air
And playing, lovely and watery
And fire green as grass.
And nightly under the simple stars...
~ Dylan Thomas

Fern Hill was an instant favourite, from the first time I ever read it. I love it so much. It reads like music, don't you think?

A place

Oh, how I love my lovely London! Every time I turn a corner and see Big Ben, I get a little thrill. Doesn't matter how many times it happens. I hope to be back in the next few years. Maybe on our way to Paris?

A song

I adore Great Big Sea {fantastic Canadian band from my dad's home province of Newfoundland}. Listening to them makes my heart feel happy. And when I go to a GBS concert, I just can't help but dance. The. Entire. Time. I love the words to this song: "I've got a smile on my face and I've got four walls around me, Got the sun in the sky, all the waters surround me..." Pure joy. Listen and love.

Item of clothing

I have never felt so beautiful as I did on my wedding day. I loved my dress, my veil, my twinkly tiara {!}, my shoes... Oh,and my handsome groom looked pretty great, too.

There you have it, some pieces of my heart. Thank you to our dear Micaela for allowing me to look after her lovely blog for a bit while she's away. I heard yesterday that Mr and Mrs Maxham have arrived safely in El Paso and are now getting settled in their new hometown. What a wonderful adventure to start off a brand new year. Here's to the happy couple, and to 2011!

Erin xo


Cassie said...

Gorgeous post Erin! I love those photos of your boys, I was only just today thinking how much Sawyer has grown in the last year and how much older Dylan looks since starting school!

And as for your quote, it is as if you had been reading my mind or my scheduled blog posts lady! Or a sign that we are indeed quite alike - for this is my motto for this year to enjoy the little things.

Beautiful "insights into your soul" as Shopgirl would say.

Cassie said...

PS: Meant to also say Micaela I am so pleased you have arrived safely and hope you are enjoying settling in.

Faiza said...

Oh I am such a quotes girl as well! And the one you picked is perfect for every day. I love it and love your heart in this post!

Happy New Year to you Micaela!

Marz said...

Such a precious heart Erin! Those photos of your sweet new born babies stole my heart!!! So adorable. I can't even begin to fathom how that moment feels like. I can't wait to one day know! :) You seem like the most amazing mom. It is so evident how much your boys and your family mean to you and I love that so much about you.
I am also a real quotes girl and I LOVE that one! I don't want to take the little moments for granted in 2011.
And London...I hope more than anything it will be a part of my year! I know exactly what that little thrill of seeing Big Ben feels like. I'll never forget what I felt the first time I saw it!
Such a great post Erin!

Karina said...

Such a great post Erin! Your heart is beautiful ;) Being a mom is one of lifes most precious gifts ;) Your boys have an awesome mom! The quote - beautiful! It's funny you mention writing down lots of quotes because Im the same a quotes girl. If I don't find my quote notebook I always end up writing them behind a tissue box, magazine,any scrap of paper - haha! So you'll find quotes everywhere it's like I Spy quotes ;).

swedishouse said...

hEJ Erin
A lovely heart-warming post...
Thanks for sharing

Claudia said...

Such a beautiful heart! Don't we all moms treasure that first picture with our newborns!! Precious! So happy to hear that the Maxhams have arrived safely!

Marisa said...

Such a beautiful heart ... the pictures of your boys are just precious and I am loving the name Sawyer!!! Dylan Thomas is a favorite of mine, great choice...

Micaela said...

erin, j'adore that you're a quotes girl as i'm the same way- i have quotes scattered in my purse and always carry a pocket journal to write them down. I love yours-- and think that's the perfect outlook for 2011!

the photo of you on your wedding day... BEAUTIFUL! and yes! i agree with cass- how your darling boys have grown.

i think it would be amazing to see Great Big Sea live! thankyou for sharing their music.

most of all, thank you for being a highlight to my 2011! i adore your friendship and can't wait to see what the new year brings to your lovely life and family.

love you!

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