Monday, January 24, 2011

Postal Service.

^i've really fallen head over heels for my aussie friend rebecca (she found me on postcrossing and i'm so glad for it!) look at the beautiful envie and then the kindness below:

 knowing how hard it was for me to make this epic move, she researched fun tidbits about el paso's history and places to see with fun illustrations! touched my heart. i spy elvis and ali mcgraw... {hanging on my fridge currently}
 and then she shared her story about moving to her town 3 months ago and not knowing anyone. She sent me photographs of her "spots" she discovered wandering around Newcastle. these two were my fave. magical. i can not thank-you enough Rebecca!!! xo

^speaking of postcrossing, this came from finland. Pirkko sent the blank van gogh inside the monroe card.
^a care package from my momma that also included italian coffee cookies (delish!) two sets of rooster mugs with tops for me and husband (what my kitchen decor is) & obviously she thought i needed undies. i love my momma!

^awesome penguin postcards from lauren photographed with the kiss kiss one that made her think of me because of my new year's resolution

^my reply to rebecca 

^traveling journal going back to lauren {long over due, sorry l. nicole!}

^sent my little seester this darling personalized wire hanger to hang her beautiful wedding dress on.
yup, my beautiful baby sis is getting hitched to her long-time boyfriend this summer and we're thrilled!
 two of my fave from their engagement shoot by b. alyse photography

something totally unrelated to happy mail: 

i went for a run today and then baked peanut butter brownies. because that's what you do after a run...

it's after 9 p.m. here and i may have snacked on some just now. 

and then had handfuls of mozzarella cheese from the pizza i made yesterday + a colby jack cheese sandwich with texas pete's hot sauce.

i guess i could count that as dinner? bleh. good thing i don't blog what i eat regularly-- i'd be mortified! actually, in that case maybe i should... i'm kidding but yup, i really eat that kind of crap--- in that order


because i have serious eater's remorse, similar to buyer's remorse. ha


Shell said...

what a beautiful hanger!! congrats to your sister, lovely photos!

p.s you are not the only one lol...

& i commented back on my post thanks for your lovely comments! you're such an awesome girl!

Claire Kiefer said...

"eater's remorse" is HILARIOUS and you are so adorable. You went for a run so you deserved it! I looooooove Maddie's marquee shot!!!!!!

Katyha said...

absolutely luckiest girl ever, such sweet letters!

Unfortunately I can't eat a combination of things at night, I get sick, I think it is my age :/

Claudia said...

I just started postcrossing.I sent my first one two weeks ago and waiting to receive mine! this sgould be fun!

Congrats to your sis! Have a good week my Dear!

Marisa said...

Your NOT the only one. LOVE that theatre engagement pic!

Erin said...

You are absolutely not the only one...I am pretty much constantly eating little bits of this and that. It's a horrible habit, but completely normal. lol.

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