Saturday, January 15, 2011

my friend carrie who loves jackie greene, tea, all things francais. when we met, we were both watching "bright star" at the same time. kismet.

i love how this blogging world we've created has brought darling friends into my life that i can't imagine not knowing. Carrie is one of them.

we had so much in common when we "met", we decided to exchange "micaela adores carrie" and "carrie adores micaela" packages.

i wanted to share what my sweet friend sent us for our wedding gift:

don't you love the floral wrapping?

vintage postcard, handpainted glass ornament from a christmas market, pretty tin filled with "tea for marriage" +

how darling is this vintage book and her message? everything was so me.  but that's because carrie is one of those beautiful persons in my life that gets me. i love you carrie! j'taime. xoxo

because carrie doesn't have her blog up and running just yet -- to give you an idea of her fabulousness, here's what i sent in my "j'adore carrie" parcel:

carrie collects sea glass & wears fun socks (can you guess her fave colour?) cobalt blue sea glass chunk necklace from star dog studio

and we both love biographies and the King. i couldn't believe she hadn't read this amazing read by Priscilla, so when i saw it at my favorite used bookshop, it instantly went up in my arms.

When i was planning what kind of wedding i wanted, Carrie shared her magical day with me and i loved hearing her stories. I also thought it was special they had a destination wedding in Grand Teton National Park outside a gorgeous church. I ordered the above custom map from refashioned-- i love JoAnn's work & huge collection of vintage maps.

don't you love putting together care packages for your closest friends? to me, it's almost as good as receiving one.


Melita said...

yay two of my favorite people!! :) i love carrie. i'm so glad you two found each other and are sending fabulous packages! ryan & i are looking to go to the grand tetons later this year. :) hugs!!

Erin said...

I love putting together parcels for friends. The best one I ever sent was to Em, after she'd had the worst possible news. I filled that parcel up with so much love and so many happy distractions. She loved it, and it made me feel better, and like I was helping to do something... even though I was so far away. I'll never forget scouring the shops looking for things to put in that parcel, or our long phone conversation as she opened it.


Katyha said...

so so sweet

Karina said...

Awww! Everything is so sweet and pretty! It's always fun and special when your putting together a package for your special friends in your life ;) xoxoxoxoxo

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness... I can't believe I almost missed this post!? Mic-Bella, you are such a dear. This post made me smile HUGE, and realize how much we mean to each other. Thank you for this sweet thank you... I am a better person for knowing you. XOXO, C

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