Friday, May 6, 2011

"The best part of life is when your family becomes your friends, and your friends becomes your family" - Danica Whitfield

i know i showed you photos of our trip to NY yesterday, but i couldn't help and write a special post for the girl who made NY that much more magical.

 {doesn't this Texan girl scream tourist in her gloves and trainers?! ha}

me and Karina met a year ago thanks to blogging-- oh the wonders of blogging -- and she instantly felt like family. I knew that when we met (which would be the moment i landed at JFK because this gem of a friend to us rented a car to pick us up!) it would be seamless-- like you were meeting any family member at the arrivals gate. 

in fact, when we were eating with meg she couldn't believe that we were girls that just met Saturday when i flew in!

Her 7 year old (though he'll tell you he's 7 and 3 quarters) Miguelito was a true bonus. Just as sweet as can be and so well mannered. To see Kary with her son, you can't help but smile and hope to be the kind of Mom she is one day. There are no words to tell you how much i fell head over heels for Miguelito. 

Karina not only shared her beautiful home but also her family. She was a most gracious hostess, patiently taking us to each of our must-see list as 1st time visitors to the Big Apple and thanks to her we saw everything we wanted to and then some! (like the copious amounts of magnolia cupcakes + eating pizza

She's a beautiful person with a big heart. You can easily tell it from reading her blog, but in person... wow. I could go on and on how much we both LOVE Kary & Miguelito and obviously have :) but let's just say we are blessed to know them and call them family.

and we already can't wait to see them again!

with my older sister maria & her husband frank and us in Times Square 

with her sister jessica on the Brooklyn Bridge

 i mean summer even said she wanted to steal little Miguelito away so i know i'm not totally biased ;)

 this is exactly how we were the whole four days... inseparable. 

Kary as my pappa told you on the phone... Wichita Falls is no NYC, but our home is always welcome to you all. 

Muchas Gracias for everything mi dulce amiga!!! i love you & miguelito more than words... "more than all of outer space" xoxo

p.s. i love that the scarves me and twinkie are wearing are ones Karina had sent us for christmas. 


Karina said...

My beautiful sister you explained it better than I could have ever.
I am in tears and you know me the baby cry, I'm hyperventilating here!!

From the moment we met a year ago I knew that you were special and meeting you in person just reassured what I already knew that we are family!!

You and Marz are SO dear to our hearts!!! I loved every single moment of laughter, talking freely and openly, being silly,and walking around in silence - "When the silences are no longer akward, you know you are around family."

I LOVE YOU!!!!!and can not wait to post my special I love my girls post!!!

Right now Manhattan and me pick Miguelito up and we are on our way to the vet for Manhattans first shots - yikes!! I hope it doesn't hurt him that much :(


I will be coming later to write anything that I forgot to write right now - lol!! Silly girl!!!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!

Claudia said...

Oh my Dear! I just read your comment on my post and you put a smile on my face a wide one!

I would have loved meeting you, your twinkie and sweet Kary! I gotta get out of my debts and save some green for next time!

Love lots Dear!

Claire Kiefer said...

This is so wonderfully sweet. I'm so glad you found family in Karina and that you had her as a guide through a very big, intimidating city. The pictures are absolutely adorable. Of course I love the one of y'all with Summer and the fire station picture is so cute! Hopefully next time you see Karina, it will be in your beloved Texas! :)

Jen said...

These are such great pictures! I love posts like this one. And that quote... couldn't agree more!!

Happy Weekend Dear! xo

Anonymous said...

thank youu for your comment :)
it feels good that I can inspire!
And once again, these photos are sooo adorable :) Its sooo nice to meet someone and become so close! x

heather said...

oh man, this is just the sweetest post ever! what happiness to have a "family" to stay with and beautiful tour guide in the big apple. you two/three/four are so fortunate to have found each other!

Anonymous said...

love your photos sweetie! looks like you had a great time! blog friends are awesome!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I'm so jealous that you got to meet Karina! It looks (and sounds!) like you had an amazing time!

x Jasmine

Alyssa said...

It is so lovely that you got to spend so much time with some one so amazing!
Mig is so lucky to have an amazing mum that introduces him to so many wonderful experiences and people too!


Faiza said...

hope you get to see your karina and miguelito VERY soon!

the smiles in these photos are absolutely precious. my favourite is the pic of you and marianne holding hands. my heart skipped a beat. a love like that is gorgeous!

Micaela said...

faiza you are so cute! that's actually me and kary but you can see how close we are-- just like sisters! lol so cute :)

Karina said...

I love you!!!! Did you notice that we are walking in stride in the picture :)

Your pappa was SO sweet when we spoke
on the phone to say that I have a house in Texas!! Yay and to say that I have family in Texas :) Yes I do!!!

I love you and miss you soooo much!! I'm working on my post and it will be up on Monday my beautiful sisters :)


Had the time of my life!!!

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