Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to our Mommas!

"to describe my mother

would be to write about a 


in it's perfect power."

-Maya Angelou

oh to be in Wichita Falls and Virginia today celebrating with you both... we love you so very much!


Zoë said...

okay that is the cutest photo of ever of your sisters and mom! you and your twin look adorable.

Claire Kiefer said...

I LOVE it when I get to see baby twinkie pics!!! And baby Maddie with all that dark hair! That is just the kind of baby I want. :) And look at little Max! I wish we could all be with our mamas today . . . it's hard being so far away.

April said...

So cute! Chip looks a lot like his dad!
I really liked the cards he gave you from your puppies, too! We used to do that for my mom, since our animals get Christmas and birthday presents.. lol

Sarah said...

So so so cute, Micaela. Look at those pigtails! So happy to celebrate our moms today. Great quote. :)

Karina said...

Happy Mother's day to both of your beautiful and sweet mamis :)

Oh to click our red glittery shoes together and be with our dear sweet mamas.

Love you xoxoxo

Amanda said...

These pictures are so cute! Love the big pigtails you two are sportin' and I love the expression on hubs face. Too cute!

heather said...

i love love that picture of you two girl in those four pigtails!!! SO cute! who doesn't love an old family photo! and omg max looks exactly like his dad!!

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