Saturday, May 14, 2011

celeb crushin : Colin Egglesfield.

after a dinner date with our neighbors, they all obliged me by seeing Something Borrowed (i had been begging to see it).

i loved it! fun, actually (surprisingly) unpredictable, and i'm a fan of Ginnifer Goodwin.

what i didn't expect was to fall terribly in love with a celebrity! ha

it's been since Robert Pattinson, but man oh man i am in LOVE with actor Colin Egglesfield who plays Dex. He's so dreamy!

i joked with claire in an email today that i wish it was Man Candy Monday so this post wouldn't seem so random, but oh well! as she said, 'we could all use a pick-me-up for sure...'

and not only is he dreamy... but when he's not working, he tutors high school kids. in math. come on! that warrants a fall head over heels crazy celeb crush doesn't it? and! he's behind this clothing line.

yes, i'm a woman obsessed but being married, having a celebrity crush is all in good fun!

who are you crushing on? (my twinkie is still Damon-obsessed!)


April said...

OH GOODNESS HE'S PRETTY. Wowsa. And he's a smart, nice person? Well, that's just ridiculous and unfair. haha :)
That guy who played Thor was pretty hot. Mmm. I had a hard time watching the movie objectively, and I think I made the fan boys in the theater a little uncomfortable. ;)

Gracie said...

Oh yes he is a hottie. I think I would watch this movie just to check him out :) And tutoring in after hours. Lovely to hear of a celeb who doesn't do things just for themselves.

Gracie said...

P.S. Crushing on celebrity wise I'm not sure at the moment, but I read April's comment above mine and I see she liked Thor (Chris Hemsworth and he's a hottie and Aussie!)

Jo said...

A math tutor?? Holy moly! He's definitely crush worthy! :)

Alyssa said...

i am one hundred and ten percent in love with dex.

(and the movie for that matter - i read the book so long ago that i had forgotten what even happened lol)

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Oh yes - his eyes are dreamy!!! My celebrity crushes (there is a list) of course Robert Pattinson, Ryan Reynolds (every movie there is a no shirt scene), and the one I have had since I was 4 - Tom Hanks.
Just saw No Strings Attached last night and it was cute too - love romantic comedies

Sami Mastrario said...

I loved him in the movie and I loved the movie! He was a perfect Dex.

E. Charlotte said...

Oooh! He's so handsome! I've had a little thing for him too. :) How can you help it?! I need to see this movie!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I have never seen him before, I'll have to give the movie a watch!!! I'm going to sound crazy..but I will always love young Dan Aykroyd. I mean, he was in the Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters!!

Faiza said...

ohhh i loved that movie lmost as much as the books! i liked that not everyone was honourable and squeaky clean and that things had to get mucky before they got better...kind of like real life!

mr. colin is dreamy for sure!

looking forward to seeing "something blue"

Leesh said...

It's definitely okay to crush. I crush on celebrities all the time! I am really liking Claire and Leeann's Man Candy Mondays. I should join but Leeann has already taken most of mine.

It's too bad you didn't get to see Colin in Melrose Place. It's because of of the show that I got excited he got the role in the movie.

Micaela said...

amanda, TOM HANKS! yes!!!! i have a super crush on him :) he's just lovely and so talented an a great husband so it seems, no? yes!!!!

dan aykroyd, i had to giggle at! lol <3 it

Shell said...

he is seriosuly soo beautiful! i can't wait to watch this film, hopefully soon! i have yet to get Blue Valentine on Netflix ahhh hoping i can get it soon, theres still 2 movies at home that we havent watched gotta send those out to get BV!

Lauryn said...

I don't know how I managed to not mention Colin in my Something Borrowed post. He's the spitting image of my "type" of man :) Dark hair, gorgeous eyes... yum! hehe

Justmare said...

I think he would make the perfect
Christian Grey, enough said.!!!

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