Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Must Haves.

i am a huge fan of swaps and fun themes that i was excited to participate in Krysten's swap celebrating summer! the best part of a swap is meeting a new friend/blog to love... the bonus is putting together a package for that person and receiving one in return. 

that's exactly what happened when i got paired up with fellow newlywed (and dog mom!) Kristen of
i could not have been paired up with a better match! the idea was to send things we loved during the long summer months. what i think is cute about me and my swap partner is we also sent things that the other person mentioned liking (and as you'll see... great minds think alike!) 

kristen spoiled me with all kinds of goodies: a floral summery mug for my a.m. coffee because "every girl needs a pretty mug," notebooks to keep in my purse, the most gorgeous necklace that will go perfect with tunics in the summer, essie nail polish in "french affair" + mini nail files along with local rhode island made soap in a fresh summer scent (and made the whole package smell beautiful!). She also remembered my love of vintage & postcards and threw in one to go perfectly with some delicious chocolate! note : one chocolate bar was already consumed by the time i took these photographs! 

kristen, you truly spoiled me! thank-you for so many thoughtful gifts to make my summer all the more enjoyable! xo

(not pictured : a bag of my favorite starbucks coffee)

Kristen mentioned that she loved running, chocolate, baking, and fresh cut flowers-- so i sent my favorite pair of running socks + flower hair tie, my love of printed kitchen towels (that i think are instant art for the kitchen) for summer baking and because every girl should enjoy personal indulgences for primp dates: essie nail polish in "bachelorette bash"to go with the chocolate foam bath/face mask, and my favorite chocolate candy. floral scented soap made in italy since she dreams of going there one day. 

i love that we both sent essie nail polishes in pink (our favourite colors), chocolate, and pretty smelling soap. my kind of girl!

{see kristen's sweet version of our swap here}

if you're looking for a fun swap to join, look no further... april's hosting one all about indulging oneself -- click here for details.

happy swapping!!!


Claire Kiefer said...

Perfect partners! I love that you both sent each other pink Essie polishes. :) I'm wearing Essie "Turquoise and Cacaos" right now and I love it! So excited that it's almost summer. And that mug is so perfect for you--vintagey and floral and right up your alley.

I want to join April's swap and am still thinking about it but stressed about time/money etc. so we'll see. Looks pretty great, though.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

you got some nice stuff, but i'm curious, what's that in the background that says love birds? of course i'd ask if i see birds! hahaha!

you shouldn't even have to ask whether or not i have your name's on both cheeks!

sorry i haven't been around lately, girl fiancee!

Micaela said...


yay! i'm going to put your name on my breast (what breasts right?! ha) i do hope you feel better soon! ooh and the "love birds"-- it was a GORGEOUS win from my friend Kat ... here's the whole art piece

i know you're rolling your eyes cos there was a time when i used to win giveaways but i haven't in a long time and this one was the jackpot, no?

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Wow you guys really spoiled each other! Cute button you made. I'm prepping my posty for tomorrow :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

you make your packages oh so beautiful

Sara said...

OMG the packaging and the colors and just everything is so, so beautiful.

I never got around to sending you my mailing address, so I'll do that now :D

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

This is great! You guys really spoiled each other! I love that you sent each other such similar stuff - right down to pink nail polish!

x Jasmine

Lauryn said...

Wow, great gifts from both of you! I participated in this swap too and I'll be blogging about it tomorrow.

You just changed my life by telling my that there is such a thing as chocolate covered hazelnut gelato. I believe I just died and went to heaven, or I will as soon as I get my hands on one!

Dana Leigh said...

Everything is oh-so-pretty and feminine! I love all of the packaging too!

Married In Chicago said...

awe, you got (and gave!) some wonderful things! I love that flowery mug. It must make waking up just a bit sweeter :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

You got totally spoiled =-) Great stuff!

KimBerly said...

I love your gift. So super cool.

Anonymous said...

I. love. that. necklace! And that coffee mug! Too cute!

Cole said...

So wonderful! You both sent really great packages and I love that you sent pink Essie polish!
If you're looking for another swap to join I'm hosting one too!

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