Saturday, May 28, 2011

summer book club? yes, please!

i have been looking forward to this ever since sarah mentioned wanting to start one awhile back and now she's done it! along with beca and carla, they've started a summer book club.

read the details here on the sadie blog and then do what i did... head down to your local library and get to reading! because i can't wait to discuss it with these girlfriends and of course you.

i was glad to have it when our street's power went out for a few hours. it kept me company on our back porch and while i sat on the kitchen floor devouring food i thought for sure was going to go to waste (like birthday pecan pie... deli fancy cheese...) all the while, still reading.

 i'm also really loving my handcrafted wooden bracelet, a gift from sweet beca {you can sport your own from her shop tumbleweeds} i could go on about how much i am a huge fan of her shop and her boyfriend's craftsmanship, but that's in a post all on its own.

(husband's birthday gift? yup! bought from their shop)

reading and wood is sexy. no pun intended.

(actually danielle, that perversity was for you girl fiancee!)

P.S. and speaking of books, there's two more days to sign up for the blogger book swap hosted by claire and lindsey


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Yes please, indeed! I'm already in a real-life bookclub, but in less than 5 weeks I'll be on summer vacation and will have loads of time to read... So, will definitely join up. And I'm excited to find that her blog is based in Vancouver, right near me!

I signed up for Claire's book swap too. Am all about the books these days (nothing new, I guess!)

Have you got my letter yet? xoxo

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooooo I might have to join you in this !what fun

Megan said...

Oh bookclub will be so fun, I wish I could join but am already struggling with my pile of books.
Good idea eating all the perishables, what a waste :-P

Claire Kiefer said...

That sounds pretty amazing. I'm scared to commit to anything reading-wise since my stack is still so high! Hopefully a little extra time in summer will help that situation. :) And thanks for mentioning our book swap . . . hopefully more folks will join in before Monday!


Gracie said...

This looks wonderful! A summer book club would be so much fun. Plus that wooden bangle is gorgeous. xx

Sarah said...

Yay, Micaela! I'm so glad that you're going to join us and you already have the book! Awesome! Also, I love Beca's shop and especially her new sunglasses line. :)

Nadiine said...

this sounds great :) I might get involved in this! x
all that glitters.x

Micaela said...

erin, nothing new at all ;) i love that you love reading so much and you work in the perfect place to encourage a love of the written word. ooh who knows, maybe we'll get paired up for claire's swap? i haven't received your letter yet (though i can't wait!!!) i'm thinking tuesday then, since monday the post office is closed for Memorial Day. Already so excited to get it!!! xo

Megan, Claire... i know, i have a pile of books i've been wanting to read too! but i put them on pause for a book club lol it's more fun to discuss with girlfriends and also, it'll bring me to different kinds of books i wouldn't normally read so i welcome the new books to be discovered. :)

sarah, so excited! and YES! i love beca's new sunglasses line... in fact, i'm waiting on my pair to come in the mail and that's what husband's bday gift was! ;) they are PERFECT. i am quite smitten with her new line! i can't wait to blog about it.


Jihee said...

OH I would LOVE to be in a book club! I've always wanted to be in one :D It's my goal to read at least 3 books a month. Ha, doesn't seem much but with my busy schedule it's hard to find time.

beca said...

That bracelet was made for you, love bug! And I am desperately waiting for my book to come in the mail!! I have another to read in the meantime...but it looks so good. I can't go to the stupid library because my drivers license in az...but found it on ebay for less than a gallon of gass, which isn't too bad!! ;)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

A book club is such a good idea! I'm starting one with my friends soon.

x Jasmine

April said...

I absolutely love the picture you included with this post. Reading IS sexy. ;)

Stina G said...

Sweet, I didn't know you were in on this! I finished part one yesterday & can't wait to read more.

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