Thursday, May 19, 2011

a textual exchange.

husband: wanna go out to dinner and a movie?

me: are you asking me out on a date? 

husband: so it would appear.

me: i'd love to husband! :) 

and what mid-week date isn't complete without a LBD? i mentioned i believed in treating yourself... i forgot to mention this dress i purchased from olivia of the gorgeous blog everyday musings who did some spring cleaning of her closet. 

so i wore my new to me little black dress, along with these booties purchased in NYC.

and we went and saw the hilarious and fun "bridesmaids" and went to a late dinner where we had breakfast (me : french toast, cheese omelet, hashbrowns, and a bowl of fruit to keep it somewhat healthy since i ate all the tortillas on my husband's plate)

husband: do you love me?

me: with all my heart. more than you know. do you love me?

husband: with all my heart. more than you know.

me: you can't copy me! you could have said, i love you as much as animal hoarders are mental *he was watching that in the other room

husband: ha, you said it so well though! ok, i love you as much as bubbles loves running and beneful. *bubbles is one of our pups

me: haha see that made me laugh :)

i believe in mid-week dates in little black dresses, even when you're married. especially when you're married. oh and texting silly love things.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Look at your in your LBD! Thanks for posting a photo, as per my twitter request ;~)

I love having breakfast for dinner. Especially at a resaurant. Yum!

Maddy said...

That dress is CUTE. I don't own a single LBD. Isn't that sinful? I almost got one at Target the other day for $11, but chickened out as I wouldn't have many places to wear it.. some day!

Micaela said...

erin, for you sweet friend! now i MUST see your two new dresses ;)

maddy, but you have such fun and colorful dresses (and vintage! which makes my heart swoon) i, on the other hand, probably have too much black in my closet because i do believe it slims lol i'm loving your outfits you post on twitter!

Nicole LeLacheur said...

I love that dress. LOVE. I also believe in silly love texts.

April said...

You guys are super cute. You look gorgeous!! I have a dress similar to that. I think that shape/type of dress looks amazing on everyone!

Claire Kiefer said...

I am cracking up at French toast, cheese omelet, hashbrowns, bowl of fruit, and tortillas. HAHAHA!

Karleen said...

I love your dress & the sweet texts. So happy for you!

Amanda said...

Look at how cute you are! :) The texts from the husband are funny. I can just imagine that you were giggling at them when you got them.

I think that dates are SO necessary when you are married. We just had one on Sunday. It was splendid. If I am ever in your town, we are getting together and double dating!

Micaela said...

amanda, i was SO giggling! :) and yes!!! that is a given... a double date would be so much fun! better yet, we could cook in and you could teach me your domestic goddess secrets ;) your comment made my day!

Lauryn said...

This is the cutest thing I've seen all day! YOU are gorgeous, love the dress! And a mid-week date sounds like a perfect little escape. I hope my future husband and I share sappy texts like you two :)

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Tres CHIc!! Love the dress and I too believe in date nights. Ours lately has been the gym every morning with each other. Hubby said just today "Are you ready to go my love?" and the woman behind the counter at the gym - went awwwwweeee and my face went red. I just blamed it on my super workout.

Erin said...

LOL Cute conversation between you and the husband. I love texting silly love things too. (Now, if I only had texting on my phone...) ;)

Shell said...

Simply adorable, i often post screen shot text convos between my hubs & i like these on my Facebook our friends are always like "you two are so adorable it makes me sick" hahahaha they call us the "fairy tale couple" since the 9th grade ;) & here i thought i was the only one who shared these silly little cute moments between husband and wife, you & i are so much alike! love it! & that LBD wow just fab i love the sleeves & buttons! i don't own a LBD must go hunting for one soon!

Girly i got the mixtape! & i am madly, & terriably in love & i mean IN LOVE with the entire cd, husband built a fort , we lit candles & popped the cd in & enjoyed with a glass of mine maybe 2 ;) left it playing on repeat while we slept until my laptop died right around the time the sun came up, it was bliss, pure bliss. thank you so much, i have to tell you i have a few favorites on that list new to me songs simply adore. our hearts are the same, one day one day soon we shall share our stories with each other. thanks again lovely hope to do this often!

listening to #5 as i write this "my heart still beats for you-anna terrheim" LOVE!


Micaela said...

shell, i forwarded your comment to my twinkie saying how much i ADORED it and you!!! i am SO THRILLED you loved my mixed tape as much as i loved yours (+ i got a bonus with yours, hello civil wars! ;) loveee)

we are so fairytale it makes others sick! ha but!!! we deserve it after all our hearts have been through right? because now we get to have that happy ever after... like the image of your fort and how magical your shared night sounded! i am so happy my cd could provide the background ;) <333 LOVE!!! our hearts are the same. xo thank you for making me smile! xoxoxo

kimbirdy said...

this is such a ridiculously sweet post! you two are adorable. :)

kitten roar said...

you look sooo good in that dress! work it girl.

and bridesmaids is SOO funny! chris & i got to go to an advanced screening last week and we double dated with a couple from work. i couldn't stop laughing! he even admitted to liking it :)

nadiine said...

sooooo cuteeee :) and that dress is really cute!

wilybrunette said...

i love everything about this post. I LOVE the dress. I LOVE the booties. i love how happy you look and the love you and max share. it is i who should be thanking you again and again for the joyous experience of meeting you. lots and lots of love from nyc.

Gracie said...

You guys are adorable. And you look utterly gorgeous in that LBD.

I love the way you and your husband do life. I think we all need to go on regular dates :) x

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

You look gorgeous!! And I agree, it is so important :) Me and the husband had a lunch date yesterday and it made us realise how important dates actually are!!

christine donee said...

mid week dates are THE best.

and you look hot! ow owww

Karina said...

You look beautiful!!! But was there ever any doubt??? No duh, of course not!!!!

Miguelito got so happy when I told him you were wearing the boots he helped picked out - the special boot she says :)

You and Max - adorable and perfect for each other!!
I am SO happy for both of you to have found each other :) God knows you were meant for each other!!!

Love you my beautiful sister xoxoxo

Love you more than outer space!!

P.S. I had dibs on Colin first - haha!!!!

Sarah said...

Micaela, that dress and those booties are amazing. Also, there's a show called "animal hoarders"? That does not sound like good news!

Megan said...

You guys are adorable! I definitely think dates are super important even after you have been together for a long timw.
I got your postcard from NYC and LOVED it soooo much! Thankyou for thinking of me.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Such a cute dress!!

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