Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Ornament Mailing Day!

Don't judge me, but after my coffee and pumpkin scones on Thanksgiving morning... i put up our little (we have 3 dogs) Christmas tree. 

Todays' the day when hopefully ornaments should be in the post. I wanted swap partners to have enough time to hang the ornaments chosen for them on their Christmas tree this year (how special is that for all you participating? i love the idea!).

So this is just your friendly reminder. I can't wait to see all of the ornaments you get! don't forget to send me pictures and a link to your blog post about it so i can showcase them on my dolce vita. 

THANK-YOU to everyone who joined! xo


Belen said...

<3 I love this! :D I'm sending out my ornament tomorrow, I really hope my partner enjoys hers!

PS, we've had our Christmas tree up since the first of November haha.

Kylie said...

Gorgeous fireplace Micaela and the lovely framed artwork behind your little tree makes it look bigger than it really is...and besides, aren't good things meant to come in small packages?

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Love that last photo - a glowing tree and a fire! How wonderful! It's stinking hot down here, I'd love a cold Christmas one year :)

x Jasmine

Sharni said...

Your house is adorable! We put up our tree yesterday :D I sent my ornaments last week, can't wait to see the rest! xoxo

WinnibriggsHouse said...

You do look very festive. We don't put our tree up until a couple of weeks before the event 'cos we have a very large real one and it would be bare by Christmas if we did, despite buying those that are not supposed to 'drop'. But can't wait to get decorating!
Posted my ornament last week so hope it gets there safely.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Yay! Mine is all wrapped up and ready to go. I'll head for the post office tomorrow morning, promise!

Our Christmas tree will be a real one this year, so it won't be going up until much closer to the big day. Likely the weekend of the 17th. We heat the house with our woodstove, and the poor thing would be so dried out by Christmas if we did it any sooner. We have the lights up on the house outside now though! It's looking very twinkly and festive around here :) Just what I need to make me smile. xo

Carolyn said...

Love your tree- so beautiful :-) My ornament went out Weds!! I am looking forward to receiving my bit o happy mail too!! Happy Anniversary!! xoxo

Leesh said...

I have a small little tree like you but my tree is black (yes, I know, it's so morbid). But since hubby and I will be in New York this year for Christmas, we decided not to put it up.

Anonymous said...

I will be mailing mine out today! I am so excited for her to get it! :)

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