Friday, November 6, 2009

"Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

This is the cutest name for an award, and i was awarded it by the cutest girls: Rhianne & Missy. Thank-you ladies! not only did i love reading your facts (i love these for that very reason, finding out lovely quirks) but you've given me something to do while i'm under the weather. I'm most gracious.

ten things about me//then i wanna know ten things about you!

ten things about me:

1.) i want to own a typewriter

2.) and type love letters.

3.) i love the moment in a book when you know why the author named it what they did. same with movies.

4.) i wish i was the kind of girl that could pull off messy up-do's.

5.) ive awlays wanted to own a pair of these.

6.) i have thing for big noses. Just like a beard or a bald head... the right kind of fella can pull it off. Zach Braff is a perfect example.

7.) i can't remember the last time i had a good cry....
(and i welcome these)

8.) but i usually always cry when i watch Grey's Anatomy.


10.) but i also know this to be true.

me and darling friend

got into a little misunderstanding this evening.

it sucked. but when we made up,

he texted me, "still my wifey?"

me: "Always. Still my husby?"

him: yes."

I pass this on to these ten Sugar Dolls:

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J at Life

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can't wait to read your ten!!! xo

(pics from we heart it/danske flickr/grey's tumblr)


Melissa A. said...

Thanks Micaela for this tagging me with this award. I always hate to write things about myself because it always seems hard for me to do this, but I love that you added pictures to yours and I can definately do that. I am a very visual person and I love pictures. I just got home from a friends place and am tired for the evening so I will definately work on this tomorrow evening. bye for now.

Belen said...

Hooray hooray! When I put up another blog award, I feel like a little kid in elementary school! :P

And I absolutely agree with your first and second facts. I LOVE typewriters. We use to have one but we ran out of ribbon and my parents didn't use it, so they threw it out. Had I been at my age now with some cash, I would've kept it and bought the ribbon myself.

Also, I don't know if you've ever read my comment on Marisa's blog about when she found that antique trunk... But I mentioned how I had found an AWESOME antique typewriter at my local Goodwill and it was about 40 bucks but I still didn't really have the cash on me. So I was waiting a few more days til tips rolled in on Monday morning at work.. but by the time I got back, it had been sold. :(

I know there's another on on sale else were near me, but it's MUCH more expensive.. :( We'll see what happens...

#65 saddle shoes are my dream too!!!! Except I'm working on the dress factor. I think they look good only with dresses (at least on me). So I'm working on introducing dresses into my wardrobe. (What the heck happened to my DUC anyway?! LOL)

#6, OMG YES. My co-worker's brother looks similiar, and while I'm not fond of them, he pulls it off well and it's kinda sexy. (shh, we won't tell my co-workers about that, lol)

Ahh, was this long enough? Haha.
But thanksies on the award!!! Can't wait to do it!

Belen ♥

Nahl said...

Beautiful list! Just like you I WAIT for the part in a book where we find out why it's named what it is!
Do drop by at:

missy. said...

Loooved your ten.. And how you added pics to show what you were describing. My ten couldn't really be described by pics!

I welcome good cries as well. They are refreshing.

I am glad you and darling friend made up. Fights are so awful when they are with your significant other!

Looove you :)

Alaine said...

Oh, I love the type writter thing, and the pictures are adorable as usual. You have this way with words, it's like everything comes to life in such an emotional way. Even your tiniests posts are always so fun to read! ♥♥♥

Iva said...

Congratulations on your award!!!

Micaela said...

Melissa, yes- you are so good at finding visual beauty. I can't wait to see your list! i would have much rather been with friends than be sick this weekend :(

Belen, another piece of FLAIR for you :) [office space, please tell me you've seen it! lol] My parents had an old grey one and got rid of it years ago... i wish i would have known how trendy it would have been now. lol awww, don't you HATE when that happens (your goodwill find). Sigh. You should have told me about it, i would have lent you the money. (i feel like you're my little sis :) lol) fingers crossed it works out with that other one. Have you ever seen "Atonement?" I love when he writes her that naughty love letter. These are the kind of letters I would write Max. ;)

Girl, you did MUCH better with the DUC than me. lol yes, i love dresses! i'm hardly in jeans and i think they would look darling with dresses, you're right. That and little cut off shorts :) Can't wait to read your answers.

Nahl, I'll drop by happily!!!

Alaine, that is THE SWEETEST compliment ever. SERIOULY EVER. thank-you darling! i've missed you.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo's to you all!

Sarah C said...

Yay! I did it:

Hope you are feeling much, much better!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I loved this post it was brilliant...and I have a typewriter in the loft :) xxx

Red Boots said...

Thank you for finding my blog! I definitely agree that we were destined to be friends - as well as our shared love of Nick Cave I found myself nodding to a lot of the items on your list. Typewriter - definitely on my "want" list, and the bit about books and movie names - so true! x

Farah said...

Micaela!!!! Thanks for the tag! Will get to it as soon as I figure out the new improvements on blogger. It's getting to me!

by the way, a few weeks before my uncle passed away, I randomly asked my grandma if I could have his typewriter. I was thinking of cleaning it up, maybe repainting it and putting it on display. You know, something to remind me of him in my future home. Little did I know that the time came sooner than expected. I have the typewriter with me at home, but I can't bear to do anything to it right now.

Polly R said...

I agree with 3. and 4. I was reading a book today and the title came up in the book and I was like ahh! It's a weird little moment :)
I love your blog xx

CC. said...

thanks girlie!! ur the bestest. respond soon. hope you feel better! xoxoox

marisa said...

when i read "typewriter" the first thing i thought of was atonement...OF COURSE!... my grandfather used a typewriter for all is writing even when the family tried to talk him in to a computer... wish i had that one.

a good cry... i just want one of those right now. when its over i feel so new and alive...

"the part in a book"... i love the aha moment.

love u

Arianna Belle said...

Congratulations on your award! I love your 10 things and the beautiful photos you used to illustrate them. Thank you for tagging me -it certainly brightened up my day. I'll be posting my 10 later today or tomorrow. A big thank you also for your donation to help Little Foot. I greatly appreciate it. You have such a kind heart :)



The Socialite said...

Oh I love these! Love is the craziest emotional roller coaster there ever is in lifee. Sometimes you don't want to look, sometimes your scared, excited, sometimes your stomach just can't handle it, sometimes you just want to get off and stop the ride, sometimes it's too short, but at the end you always feel a little bit tougher or stronger - don't you think?!

Melissa A. said...

Hi Micaela,
Sorry it took me so long, but I have written ten things about me today on my blog. Thanks again for this sweet award.

Kate Gallagher LIFEunscripted said...

I'm so glad I found your site! (From Melissa A.) I love your very sweet "random" musings...Lot's in common.

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