Friday, November 23, 2012

us maxham girls.

For my anniversary gift, husband gave in to my wish of a white Christmas tree and i couldn't be happier! Me and Felix braved the Black Friday traffic/crowds all for this tree. I'm so excited to decorate it.

Other than that quick trip, we've been in our pajamas since (that and I finished all of the green bean casserole and baked macaroni).

Did you venture out today or even last night? if so, what did you get? A friend who had gone to Target last night waited nearly an hour to check-out. Thank goodness we didn't go there or walmart. Bless you working in retail!

Felix and i hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We're going back to bed to cuddle xo


Christina Monique said...

I stayed home and cooked turkey enchiladas .. barely any cheese since your not here :( xoxox love you pj girls!!

meg fee said...

she's so gorgeous, i can't get over your little baby!

tiffany denise said...

Since I didn't get off work till 8am today, I went after work for some Black Friday deals.

** kiddos got a PS3
** 2 archery sets for the oldest 2 from Santa
** a gun for Daddy
** a smoker for Daddy

After all the fun of getting all that stuff I finally crawled into bed about noon to catch some shut eye before coming back to work tonight!!

Megan said...

i cant imagine what the black friday sales must be like it sounds crazy :) you and felix are just so sweet, enjoy putting up your tree.

christine said...

Ah Black Friday. Used to go at midnight with my sister and cousins, but it got old (and I got older haha) and I can't take the craziness. My husband and I went late morning to see if there was anything good to get for presents and we got a few but didn't even make a dent on our list. I love the Christmas tree!!

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