Tuesday, November 20, 2012

two months.

My baby girl turned two months on the 17th.

i love this photo because i managed to capture her tongue sticking out and her little finger pointing (Felix, didn't your Mama teach you never to point at people?) i like to pretend she's saying, "i love YOU."

i also love her light eyes and will probably mourn the day they turn my brown.

Right now she's laying on our bed cooing and having a conversation with the fan. i am loving this age for that very reason. Every morning when she first wakes up is my favorite part of the day. Her smile when she sees me? sigh. and we lay down on the bed and just look at each other, flirting before i feed her. I'm currently reading Operating Instructions and i underlined what Anne Lamott wrote about breastfeeding, "This is the easiest, purest communication I've ever known." I can definitely agree to that two months out.

i was emailing a friend the other day and she asked me about motherhood and i told her that Felix is such a joy, even when she isn't.

Those mothers who say they don't remember their life before they had their baby? i am not one of those. I remember my life before my daughter pretty perfectly. I could take long afternoon naps whenever i wanted, go grab as many beers/shots/cosmopolitans on any given night with friends, wear a bikini. Now i feel like the only one in the world who hasn't seen Breaking Dawn : Part Two.

But she's such a joy to me, even when she isn't.

Yesterday, we were going to the post office listening to Christmas music. After parking, i went to get her out and just stared at this perfect tiny human my husband and i created. She was just sitting there in her car seat looking at me and i thought, she is all the reason i need to believe there is a wonderful God who loves me.

Happy 2 months my little miss Felix Maxham! my little blessing.

P.S. oh and i'm planning on seeing Breaking Dawn tonight. Skipping pilates (priorities, priorities) so i can get Felix to bed for the night and catch the 10 o'clock showing with a girlfriend. 10 is like middle of the night for me now, but it's worth it for Edward. ;)


Claire Kiefer said...

She is sooooo perfectly sweet and I love her.

So glad we got to catch up yesterday--that felt so good.

She will be just as beautiful if/when her eyes turn brown. I've always wanted my mom & dad's brown eyes. My grandma (who had light eyes like me) once told me (years ago) that people with brown eyes are lucky, b/c when you get old, everything fades and turns light . . . hair, skin, etc. . . but those dark brown eyes still shine. :)

Dawn said...

Have fun at the movies! I've only read the books, and was, admittedly, dragged to the first two movies by other people. However, I've heard there is some sort of surprise with this one, so enjoy! Your darling Felix is definitely a blessing, and I hope I am able to say the same words someday, when I'm a mom. I'm honestly petrified that I'm too selfish to have children.

jessica renee said...

She is just perfect in every way, that girl of yours! It's an amazing thing to really sit back and remember that you helped created such a precious little person. Definitely makes up for the no naps and doing whatever you please thing ;)

oh and you never know, maybe miss felix will keep her light eyes! V's changed to a light hazel at 4 months and all I could think was "She was almost a blue eyed, dark haired baby dammit!" hahaha. Now they're light brown. It's crazy how quickly they can change. Of coure you'll think she's perfect no matter what!

AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

She really is gorgeous and one of the most beautiful 2-month olds out there.

Justina F. Lee said...

Her eyes are so beautiful! It makes me look forward to having my own child in the future. This was a beautiful post :-)

Meghan said...

She is just a stunning little lady! So happy for you, my dear!

Leesh said...

I hope you enjoy Breaking Dawn!

I adore Felix's light eyes.

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

2 months already!! She is such a cutie pie. I must say my husband has brown eyes and I have green - both Aries and Odyn have gray blue eyes that never changed...so you never know it could happen. Damien has deep dark brown - they changed very very fast.

tiffany denise said...

Felix looks so adorable, and you never know, you might get lucky and her eyes stay light!! Thomas had those pretty baby "blue" eyes just like they all do when they are born, now his eyes are a pretty shade of hazel. I was like you, dreading the day they turn "Mexican brown" lol. I still can't wait to hug both of yall!

Christina Monique said...

I love the picture with her and her monkeys. She looks like she is saying "mama hurry and take your picture..." hahaha i adore her. She is going to be just like us :)

Ashley said...

Micaela-- she is just so sweet! What a precious girl you have.

Ashley said...

Micaela-- she is just so sweet! What a precious girl you have.

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