Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wanting to know you Wens.

happy little things

when a song you love plays on the radio while you're driving

packages addressed to my little Felix Maxham

having my first beer in 11 months during my 1st night out with friends
{i made it to nearly 1 a.m.}

commercials that make you laugh, like this one  (poor michael jordan)

returning to pilates

hoodies for babies

when a Pumpkin Spice Latte + pedi in OPI shim-merry chic happens in the same day 

talking to my twinkie and laughing til we're crying

hot pockets

taking naps with my baby girl and waking up to that face below

what are some of your happy little things? 


Rhianne said...

:) this post is a happy thing indeed and your photos always brighten my day.

Other happy things:

Seasonal gingerbread treats

Christmas adverts

listening to a song over and over because you love it so much.

making gifts for my favourite people

chatting with my Mum

sunshine! it means I can take photos, hurray. xx

Claire Kiefer said...

Reading blogs & drinking coffee in the morning

The Christmas tree + ice skating rink in Union Square

hot chocolate w/marshmallows

hot baths


Anonymous said...

i miss the days napping with kayla when she was a wee baby. i do love it when she yells out "mommy!" when i pick her up from school and she runs towards me and throws herself into my arms. best feeling in the world!!

ginanorma said...

awwww AGREED!!!

for me it was baking celebratory cookies for my daughter getting into college last night:)

CarrieMarie said...

Favorite songs playing over & over is a definite happy!

Work crush sightings!!!!


Undercover Boss

Book trips

You & Felix pictures

Christmas decorations

These are my happy things today. :)

CarrieMarie said...

OH!!! And vampires!

Lottie Simm said...

my happy things are:

walking past baby's room and seeing it all ready;

mince pies;

cups of tes;

hugs and kisses.

and i would be happy waking up to that little face.

Belen said...

- good times with coworkers

- succeeded at busting out 50+ drinks in 30 minutes all while keeping each car under 3 minutes

- seeing that photo of you holding a Starbucks cup, haha

- sharing popcorn with my mom while we watched the Filipino channel

- singing as loudly as i can in my car

<3 belen

tiffany denise said...

Cold Days + a Carmel Apple Spice

Holidays being here finally

Teaching Thomas to do the motions for "I love you" and when Daddy tells him to do it he still says "eye wuv Mama!!"

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