Monday, November 19, 2012

oh my onesie!

You know that feeling when you find a kindred blogger and instantly know you're going to meet one day and fall that much more in love? Faiza is sunshine walking (in knee high boots). I was lucky to finally hug her during our girls' trip this past summer. 

{don't we look like sisters? i was 21 weeks pregnant with Felix}

If you know Faiza, you know how amazing her heart is. She is so thoughtful! Felix got the most amazing package from her Auntie in Canada. I literally gasped when i opened the package to these one of a kind, very Felix's Mama onesies. 

In her card, Faiza explained each one:  For her family heart, your blog heart, your vintage heart, your spanish heart...
the left one is the vintage onesie and has this definition for baby: tiny person; nocturnal mammal; especially prone to dribbling; destined for greatness 

...and your Robbie heart!
I have loved Robbie Williams since i was 10. I literally jumped up and down when i got to this onesie! Even my husband laughed at the caption because I have reminded him hundreds of times already how i will pass on my love of Robbie and his music to Felix, just like my Momma gave Elvis to me

Sweet Faiza, 

there are no words to tell you how much each one of these mean to me. On top of these perfect gifts, you also included the softest blanket, wash cloths, AND another pack of onesies. You are amazing i say! and we are so incredibly spoiled but mostly, we feel so loved. You are love. Thank-you my beautiful friend. Someday i hope the Lechugas and the Kanjis get together. 

Felix sends drooly kisses and can't wait to already wear these (bless you for thinking ahead and getting bigger sizes). We love you! xo


Zoƫ said...

aww, Faiza is such a lovely lady and this is definitely a perfect gift. That vintage one is amazing! What great friends you have and how lucky they are to have you :) Felix is definitely well-loved. Thanks for sharing!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Those are just so, so fabulous and so much fun! Faiza is a doll.

And Felix is going to be the best-dressed kid in town!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awwww Faiza is such a sweetheart! How thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

such cute onesies!

sheba said...

faiza is pretty amazing on all fronts and her baby gifts do take the cake! [I still have all of indio's onesies from her packed away!] felix is beautiful, micaela! i'm finally getting a chance to catch up on blog reading / writing and am loving your updates! so sad i missed the ornament exchange though. next year . . .

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