Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The *PRE concert pics!!! :)

My happy-loving-britney twinkie outside the American Airlines Center


it was hard to believe that the divine lady spears (as perez called her!) was the same girl who shaved her head & had to be rushed by ambulance to get mental help.

She was AH-MAZING!!!!
great dancing, great body, great mix of her songs.

It was SOOO MUCH fun to experience the HAPPINESS of my twinkie (her dreams came true last night!!!), along with her husband and bff Steph.
*we had pretty good seats and what is nice about her tour is the layout of her stage. She has the main center one and would make it a point to come out to each section of the arena. The props/dancing/acrobatic performances... WOW!

I am SWAMPED at work and about to leave for the day (exhausted from the drive back last night) BUT-- i miss you lovies and wanted to leave you with the pre-concert pics. Stephanie has an AWESOME camera, so I'll post a couple of those tomorrow (or when she uploads them) PROMISE!
look how happy she is!!! Marianne who HAD to get the $30 program :) the shirt she got is one we all waited in line for, the one she bought both of us :)

More to come....
Miss me, miss you!!!!

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The Socialite said...

yay! I was wondering how the concert went! I missed buying seats for her LA concert! :(

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