Monday, September 13, 2010

a big upset for my cowboys but SO MUCH FUN!!!

yup, i wore my Cowboys jersey that has my last name on it {a gift from my dear friend John}, cut off shorts, and my j. crew mocs (for the Redskins).

lovies, i was in pure heaven!!! even though we sat in the nosebleed section, it did not matter. It was SO MUCH FUN to watch the game live! even in a sea of Redskin fans because there was still a lot of blue and white. 

we were quite the pair in different team wear.

I seriously thought we had it at the last minute... but good for Donovan McNabb's debut.

i can not even begin to tell you how AWESOME it was to see the guys i've cheered on at sports bars, parties, or even while in my pajamas at home. It was ten times better being there and half the reason is because i had Max right beside me.

some girls want jewelry. not me. happiness is a ticket to a football game.

happiness is max.

P.S.  someone who shares my love of sports (well baseball at least!) is the pretty Faiza. My football team may not have won, but my Texas Rangers sure sweeped the NY Yankees!!! SO EXCITING! 

Pretty Faiza's Jays beat my team labor day weekend but check out this beautiful shot of my Rangers Boyfriend Michael Young Faiza took just for me on the jumbotron! too cute. Don't you love moments between blog friends where it makes it that much more real we are true friends? 

like Claire & my bestie M's texts during the game yesterday. I love those moments!


♥Aubrey said...

LOVE the jersey!!! What a great gift idea for a sports-fan :)

Karina said...

Yay!!! Happy you had a blast.... And yes it's always fun to be with the love of your life.... You guys look great so full of Amor ; ) Couldnt have asked for a better weekend ...... Kary xoxo

Stephanie said...

I love how you were wearing opposing team shirts....but still smiling and happy together. haha.
You're so lucky to have gone...even if they did lose. ;)

carmar76 said...

So happy you had so much fun!! And that jersey is cool!

Jamie said...

Glad you had so much fun! It was a great game. Growing up in VA, I'm a Skins fan for life. Sorry! Hehe. My co-worker is a huge Dallas fan also. But she's mad at me. I happened to wear that same shirt that Max is wearing and accidentally sang Hail to the Redskins when I entered the office this morning. Haha! Great pics! Yay for awesome date nights! xoxo

Maddy said...

I love when ANYONE beats the Yankees! I'm glad you guys had such a good time... you look beautiful and I love that your jersey says your name!

Cynthia said...

virginians love their redskins I wish I shared that love but sadly i'm not a sports fan don't be too sad i still like hearing about it from you haha!

one of the doctors at my new job is obssessed with EVERY sport known to man you should see his office instead of his degrees he has sports pictures framed and hung haha

Karina said...

P.S. You have been adopted you are now my sister.... Welcome Micaela Lechuga Maxham Romero Pacheco.... Mucho Amor de todos nosotros en Nueva York ; D. Y especialmente de tu sobrino Miguelito.....Kary xoxo

April said...

I know it sucks that they lost, but to be at the game must have been so amazing! My senior year the University of Alabama gave out 200 free tickets to seniors who called in and reserved them and me and a friend of mine called and snagged 4 tickets! We tailgated and walked University Blvd and it was amazing! So I can only imagine your excitement. (The game I got to see, ironically, was in the Arkansas/Alabama game - I now go to school in Arkansas. I hate the Hogs. Le sigh.. haha)

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun, and my heart broke a little when I saw Marianne's facebook status (I was watching the game on dvr so was a little behind)--I wanted your boys to win for you! Even though man, I've been reading blogs today, and people are seriously hating on the Cowboys, huh?? Today I started watching the Jets/Ravens game, and was rooting for the Jets cause Mark Sanchez is just so dang cuuuuuute!

i-zilla said...

you are like the perfect girlfriend/fiance/wife wanting football tickets instead of diamonds lol

erin elder said...

LOVE that jersey!!! I watched the game and thought of you, the last minutes of that game were so amazing!!! I would love to go to a game, it just sounds like it would be so much more exciting!! Glad you had such a good time : )

Erin said...

I'm glad you had so much fun! Love the photo of you and Max.

Shibby said...

What an awesome gift! I've always wanted my last name on the back of a shirt!

Thanks for the lovely comments =)

Belen said...

honestly, i think you're the only female i've ever seen that can work a jersey, and that's NO JOKE, lol.

well okay, my sister can rock a laker's jersey, but that's basketball, and you're football lol lol lol.

so i WISH i could sit thru a football game or at least understand what i'm watching, lol. because my dad's a huge fan of the green bay packers, and so is the current boy in my life. i need to inform you of him soon. no, not a boyfriend, though i wish i could say so.. it's complicated.. gahhhh.. anyway, lol.

ps, check out my recent mail time post, hehe. :D


hiven said...


Tiffany said...

Wow! Can I tell you how much you look like Maria in the pic of you and Max?!?!? Like soooo close it's eerie..but of course beautiful all the same!

Love you and love that you got to watch your Boys live...sorry that they didn't win for you. My hubby was super excited that they didn't...he's not a Cowboys fan!! lol

Miss you! XOXO

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Yay! Sounds like you had the perfect introduction into the world of live football! (I've only ever been to live baseball games.)

And you two look SO darling happy! It's catchy! xoxo

Sarah said...

I agree... I'd much rather have tickets to a football game than jewelry. My Ravens pulled one out last night by the skin of their teeth! But a win is a win right :)

We got tickets to the Ravens- Steelers game on 12/5 & are looking to go to at least one more game this season. But even if we don't go.. tailgating is a must in Charm City!!

Glad you had a ball darling!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

you are the best! i love each and every picture! love love love! sorry about your cowboys...kinda! lol.

Marisa said...

okay... so you are the cutest in the jersey, I can never pull that look off. DH and I were laying in bed watching the game... thinking of you and Max. Isn't the enviroment the greatest. I just love being at LIVE football games whether its NFL, College and even Highschool... especially in our Texas.

Carmella said...

i'm a diehard yankees fan so... :(

however! i was a cowboys fan as a kid! still hold a special place in my heart for them :)

Faiza said...

go Rangers!! my Jays have no shot at the World Series but they would win the World Series of my a sweep against the Yankees...where in every game Jose Bautista would hit a grand slam.....i digress.

any team that can rattle the Yankees is a-ok in my books right now!

so fun to see you and Max and happy times. love!

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