Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wanting to Know you Wens : puppy playdate!

one of the many reasons i fell in love with my husband-to-be was he adopted his (now our) dog Bubbles when she was 3. She is the best dog i've ever had! we believe she's a lab/beagle mix and the perfect size. Her name is so fitting- she is the sweetest girl and she makes my maverick look like the obedience school drop-out she is- Bubbles is house broken and never has an accident inside. Maverick our bichon frise is another story. (she goes mostly on her wee wee pads but this is not potty trained according to Max ha) and together they are the best of sisters!

maverick just got a bad haircut... usually she looks like this:
the loves of my life.

i love our little family and i LOVE dogs! so i was excited for this week's virtual meet-up. We've had a coffee date, and now i like to think of this as a puppy playdate. i so loved seeing each one of your babies!!!

^April's westie Queenie, her couch snuggle buddy

^Brittan's babies: lab-poodle-setter mix ("slabradoodle") Vida and Jacob Big Tree who's a shepherd mix they rescued (love his name!)

^this little guy cracks me up! meet Claire's family dog, a rescued beagle named Ignatius. She told me that he was returned TWICE to the humane society before her family decided to keep him (he was that "terrible"). Don't you love that they did? i mean look at that face! 

^the love of Maddy's life - a Golden Retriever named Abbey for her love of the Beatles. 

^Erin's boyfriend with her pup, a french bulldog named Olive. I love that smile!

^Olivia's beautiful lab mix, a girl named Marley

^my nephew Logan! this is my beautiful twinkie and her chihuahua. He's really her husband's dog who's named after the X-Men character Wolverine. He loves the sun, watching TV with Philip on their recliner, and he loves to lick as you can see *sweet kisses* 

^Jane's precious Chinese Pug Ruby.

^Arianna and her rescued maltipoo Little Foot. 

^Shelly has what i want - a mini Australian Shepherd named Chy.

^Fritizi Marie & Bono Baby (maverick was nearly named BONO for my love of U2) i'm loving that bow!

^i love that Phoenix has so many dog babies. Her family portrait with Blitz & Sasha (sibling German Sheps), Tucson the Golden Retriever was her first dog, and the little Min Pin is Willow. I love how the bone is way bigger than him!

^Kara and Eva who was adopted from the humane society in July 09 and has been snuggling her way into their hearts ever since. 

^Claudia and her niece's 3 year old Chihuahua Samantha. She loves to sleep in late on cloudy days (sounds like my kind of pup!) i love her chocolate color. If there's anything i love more than dogs, it's children and dogs!

^Steph's two handsome boys with their pup Beauty

^Kary's precious boy Miguelito and Cookie 

^Emilie & Bean, a 6 month old long-haired chihuahua (i am in love!)

^Sarah and her rescued pit bull/boxer/lab baby Winslo. i love when maverick sleeps on my head- i adore that winslo rests his head near Sarah's... cute!

^Niki and baby George and baby George now. They rescued him from a shelter and believe he's a sheep dog mixed with a Great Dane/Rottweiler. Nik says he's a big baby who thinks he's a lap-dog. love it!

^Belen with her Charlie girl (a shih-tzu) and her sister's boyfriend's dog Toby- a maltese/silky terrier mix.
^Sharlyn Emily and her 4 month old yorkie/maltese/pomeranian mix. Sharlyn says she can even take her to work on occasion (she is that well behaved!) Minnie loves the attention she gets when she's "out on the town." Oh my goodness, i want to hold her!

^Lauryn with Cassius, an olde English Bulldog

^Fallon's girl akita named Echo & Jasper a 190 pound English Mastiff. As you can see, he prefers sitting on the couch to laying down or sitting on the floor. 

^tiffany's long haired chihuahua Capucine. She's so cute!

^Casi and Mona, a maltese/poodle mix. aww she looks like my maverick!

^Gabby girl and Bella the wonderdog. Half chihuahua/Half Jack Russell (she thinks... she was a rescue! bless those who rescue) 

^i love sandra for two reasons: she looks like my little seester and two- her pomapoo fur-baby Candy looks like my Maverick too. Sandra said it was obvious love at first eskimo kiss. 

i seriously "awwwed" each time one of your emails popped up with your dog children. How fun would our puppy playdate be? 

have i told you how much i love it when you play along? xo


April said...

This is such a great great great post! I love it! I can't wait to have a real apartment (with a real life?? haha college isn't quite that!) and lots of babies (puppies and kitties!). :) :)

Melody said...

This was so cute! Are you going to do any other interactive events? :P

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness I ADORE every single one of them!!!!! An IRL playdate would be amazing!!! We should all look into hotels which allow pups and have a blogger pups weekend! haha

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I heart this post a lot. This post made me miss my dogs Sugar and Peanut a lot.

Niki said...

Oh YAY! It's so fun to see everyone's babies. Thank you soooo much for doing this darling girl!


Max said...

Some cute dogs! Bubbles is still my favorite though. Today we shared a pork chop and gravy biscuit from the Hardee's drive thru. She even licked the leftover gravy off the wrapper. I enjoy our rides together.

Karina said...

Loved this post, all the doggies are so cute ; ) but I especially love the pic with bubbles and maverick. I imagine them being quite the mischievious pair ; ). Muchos holas to all of you y mucho amor.. Thank you for the sweet comment on my post ; ) -Kary xoxo

kittycat said...

a puppy play date sounds SO cute! goodness!
by the way - i loveeee your wanting to know you wens. posts!

Claire Kiefer said...

You mean that Sandra looks like Maddie? SHE DOES! I thought the same thing. :) All these puppies are PRECIOUS! I met a little baby girl named Capucine once at a playground (I was babysitting Milo)--she was so adorable and I thought she had the sweetest name (French daddy). Her brother was Henri--cute!

Thanks for doing this one, it was SO fun and I loved seeing everyone's pups. Fallon's dog is ENORMOUS. Should've had my sis send in her Great Dane, Leon! Will email you a pic of him.

love you! and loved our phone date too! xoxo

carmar76 said...

Oh, these puppies are all adorable!! My brother used to have an Alaskan Huskie named Kahne (sp?) after Kasey Kahne (idk, race car driver, hopefully I spelled his name kinda right!). I loved that dog SO MUCH! And then they had to give him away because they didn't have time for him. :( At least he went to a good home, but still! I see someone walking their Huskie every once in awhile & I miss him all over again. He gave great "hugs."

Phoenix Peacock said...

I just want to bear hug that adorable Mastiff!

this free bird said...

This is such a cool post!! I just returned home from holiday and am getting caught up. Loved all the dogs, but Claire's naughty puppy really caught my eye!! Love the saviors!!


Rhianne said...

Ohhh, I wish I had a puppy so I could have taken part - this post is so fun, I love it :)

Megan said...

This is such a wonderful post! It makes me so jealous I cannot wait till I can have a puppy. So many different, gorgeous puppies.

Claudia said...

AWW! this post was the cutest ever! I loved seeing all of those precious dogs and the story behind them. They're like little children!
This is fun! Thank you for doing this Dear Micaela!

angelina la dawn said...

i love puppies! i only have 2 kitties right now, but as soon as husband and i get a yard we're adopting a greyhound. woof!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

let's just say for the sake of this post that the basset hound puppy is mine ;)

i loved looking at all the dogs, and i especially like winslo. he may have been my favorite!

also, bubbles is so cute, and i love that you call maverick an obedience school drop-out! too cute!

Marisa said...

M- this post is just adorable. You put so much work into this and I think all of them are so precious...

Fallon said...

Dogs are my favorite! I loved seeing all these cuties. If I only had more space I'd get more puppies. You're new job sounds like a dream =)

Stephanie said...

I'm not an animal person AT ALL...which is why my boys took a pic with Beauty....BUT these dogs are freaking cute!! It's so cute how some are so tiny...and others are really huge! Good post, Mickey! Love it. :)

Every Little Counts said...

oh my god, i am so sad i don't have a dog. i want a little fluffy baby to snuggle with. why does my husband have to have a thing against dogs?!

Kara said...

So, THIS is awesome. I'm so glad I sent mine in time!

Seriously though all I can say is OMG MASTIFF.

erin elder said...

This was soooooo fun!! I loved looking at all the adorable little puppies!! (I "awed" at every single one of them!!) : )

Cynthia said...

awwww this is so sweet makes me wish I had a dog-baby of my own.. one day! cant wait to see what you come up with next week hopefully I can participate!

alyssa said...

We have a mini Aussie too...she is the craziest dog I've ever met, but I love her :)

adri said...

ohhhh puppies. all these pictures put a huge smile on my face. so lovely :)

Laura Loo said...

AW, that is a great one! I have had a golden retriever, Krystal, since I was 12! My first goldie was named Abby too! I can't wait to have a house and have my own dogs...In addition to a golden, I also want a mini-Aussie Shephard, one of those lovely tri-colored/merle ones! and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

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