Friday, September 3, 2010

adventures in thrifting.

by far my favourite thing to do on a free day when i want to treat myself. 

(in fact, i went today & ran into pretty danielle at our favourite antique shop downtown. thrifting is so much more fun with her)

this mug i got for Max {we use a few coffee mugs every single day. it might be embarrassing how much coffee i consume in a single day} i adore that inside it says ...And They LOVED Happily Ever After" but not without some minor cracks - i love even those in the inside because seriously, what relationship is ever easy?

to always remember our first home together ;  a vintage souvenir tray

because i'm a sucker for places to rest my jewelry on ... i had to have this baby pink rabbit dish

enjoyed the film & since reading is after all sexy... another addition to my book shelves.

and by far, my most favourite thrifting find : 

a school desk for just $4.00!!! Max couldn't believe i wanted it but it is perfect in my craft room where i write my little love letters.

i do so love finding treasures. 


Erin said...

I love that school desk! Will you write me a letter from there please? I can't believe you got it for $4.00. That is amazing!

I have an old, old desk from the late 1800s. It's got an ink well in it and everything. It's gorgeous.

Happy Weekend- almost!

Stephanie said...

I love the coffee mug!! Too cute. My mom has a little school desk like that one. The grandkids love it. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I have a suspicion that thrift stores where you are are MUCH cheaper than where I am, as a desk like that would never be $4 at a San Francisco thrift store, ha! But that's an incredible find. Almost as incredible as the coffee mug, which I think is amazing! How perfect and precious is that mug???

Oh and how that sweet tray looks so familiar--mine is hanging proudly above the kitchen window where I see it every day and think of you!

Cynthia said...

oh my goodness that desk I havent seen one of those in awhile! I'm in need of a good thrift adventure I need to spice up my room ha! haope you have a lovely weekend :)

Karina said...

Ha!!! Loved this post... I was at one of my favorite thrift stores today as well, but I had no luck finding anything : (. Love the desk so cute and an excellent bargain ; ). Plus the prices where your at are so Cheap!!! Excellent!!!! Kary xoxo

Kristyn said...

I love your finds at the thrift stores! I wish we had more of them around here!

love love love the coffee mug! :]

carmar76 said...

Ahhh! that desk is lovely! we used to have one that opened when i was little to keep all my treasures in (wait, was that at our house or my friend julia's? now i can't remember, just that it held all my treasures to play with!).

i love reading about your thrifting finds! who'm i kidding? i love reading everything you write. especially sweet handmade postcards that brighten my postbox on a friday afternoon! : ) Thanks, Micaela! i so enjoy you!

shelly said...

that desk is so neat. i can totally picture you sitting there writing letters :)

have a happy, long weekend love :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

I love the idea of you sitting in that desk writing love letters. so cute!

Elaine said...

that school desk takes me back in time!!!!

that is absolutely gorgeous!

great finds M ---

i miss you mucho. i promise to get back to writing to you and will be sending a lovely little postcard your way soon!

April said...

That's such a great desk! We had those when I was in the 1st-5th grade (I went to a really poor school). $4 is amazing. You lucky thing!

Maddy said...

4$??! what a deal!! it's so cute.. and you could do so much with it.. and one day maybe you'll have little ones who can use it :)

Meghan said...

I have the same "I Do" mugs, but in brown!!!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I can't believe you found that perfect desk for only $4! And that you still have room to find a place for it, with all these amazing finds you seem to fetch up!

I love that coffee mug too!!!

Faiza said...

your thrifting posts are some of my faves! i love the respect you have for treasures old and new to you.

Meghan said...

I love those state trays! Cute finds!

Marisa said...

I always love your finds... on day bestie we will go thrifting together.


{Arianna Belle} said...

It's one of my favorite things to do too! I love all your finds, especially the I Do cup! So perfect! :)

mina said...

the mug is so incredibly sweet.

i like the desk and chair too. are you going to refinish it?

we just bought a new place and i'm excited to start decorating - thanks for reminding me to check out some antique stores.

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