Friday, September 24, 2010


it's the little things in life isn't it? like being super excited for another season of Grey's Anatomy! 

no spoilers here, but during last night's episode when meredith and christina were talking about how they weren't ok... the part where Meredith tells her, "Derek is the love of my life but you're my soulmate." 

i paused it and had to text my bestie M that line (who i knew would be just as excited for a new season!).

pieces of a letter i once wrote my best friend: "if i could tell that sad girl i was after high school, to the girls who broke my heart… at 25, you will meet your soulmate. She will make you feel like you’ve known her your whole life. Her heart is half yours really."

She is the Christina to my Meredith.

She is my soulmate.

ps. me and max are also pretty excited about a new season of DEXTER starting up. how brilliant is Michael C. Hall? what shows are you excited about?


Rhianne said...

I've never seen Grey's butthis is jsut lovely :)

Dexter definitely and Modern Family too, I love it!

Have a lovely weekend M! x

erin elder said...

So excited for 30 Rock, The Office (last season for Michael Scott), Community, Parenthood, Modern Family... Oh I could go on... I love all these shows but rarely catch them all in the same week!

Thank heaven for DVR. : )

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I'm pretty much all about Gossip Girl right now. I'm excited about Dexter, too, though.

And I think it's totally true that "soulmate" doesn't have to indicate romantic love at all. In fact, it often doesn't.

Jamie said...

I love this post. So true. :)
Have a great weekend, Lovely!

Maddy said...

we haven't finished seasons 3-4 of Dexter yet and we don't have Showtime (sad) but I'm excited that it's coming back because when we're doing we'll be able to Netflix it ;) haha

I was so excited for Glee this week! and I caught the Office last night... wonderful!

Marisa said...

M- I was so excited to get your text last night. I always think of us when watching the dynamic between Christina and Meredith. Hope I can watch tonight so we can discuss over the weekend.

You know my heart... i love you

Claire Kiefer said...

I was pretty amazed by that line when I watched it last night, and, funnily enough, was thinking about that very line all the way to work today. It was the best part of last night's episode. So sweet . . .

I'm most excited about Grey's, but also: Private Practice, One Tree Hill, and, soon . . . (soon!): Friday Night Lights.

nicole addison said...

i stopped and texted my best friend right after i heard that! she is my soul mate. no matter what guy i meet, my best friend will alwaysbe that:) i love christina and meredith so much and my friend and i are them to a tee!

shelly said...

i hope this season of Grey's is better than last...last night was pretty good, but i have been liking Private Practice way better for some reason.

i am super excited for Dexter also...other than that it seems that i am waiting until january for the premier of the BEST show on tv...Californication! i am in love with Hank Moody!!

have a great weekend love!

Medical Librarian said...

The Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, and Big Band Theory. :)

Emily said...

Oh I am right there with you on Dexter! Every season you think they can't top it but they do!!! Although last season was just sooooo amazing I am hoping they can top it. Trinity was fantastic (of course not what he did lol)

April said...

I can't wait to watch that episode of Grey's. Missed it last night. But will watch it today! I love Cristina/Mer more than Der/Mer, and that says a lot because I LOOOOVE Der/Mer

Gabby said...

I also totally adored that line! I was watching with my bff and we looked at each other and smiled. It sums us up too :) Have a lovely weekend!

Belen said...

Big Bang Theory
and my newest one: Outsourced!

I've always wanted to keep up with The Office but I haven't had the chance to sit down and continue the DVD sets! I'm so behind in season 3!

Sandra said...

I really admire the friendship you and M have. :)

Funny you should bring up tv shows! I was just thinking the other day how I'm so excited that the fall season shows are finally here!

I'm sooo happy that my shows are back! 30 Rock, The Office, How I Met Your Mother!!, and of course Grey's and DEXTER!!! :) Dreamboat and I sped right through all the seasons on Netflix! X)


Yiota said...

Hi Micaela!
Thanks for your kind words!
I'm glad when I hear of women having a best friend. It's so important ...and fun! I watch Grey's Anatomy too.

Lauryn said...

I love this! Friendship is such an amazing gift. And we girls definitely go through some rocky relationships until we find our friend soul mate, that's for sure!

I'm so excited to watch the season premiere of Grey's!

jackiek said...

love this! i had to text that to my best friend too- no matter what guys we have in each other's lives she will ALWAYS be the first person to know everything about me.

she's my soulmate

heather yalin said...

This is SO wonderful sweet! This post just makes my heart smile--on so many levels!

Grey's Anatomy was my FAVORITE show before I left the States, and I have recently been reconnecting with it. Got my hands on all the episodes from where I left off. And I'm now half way through season 5, yay! :)

Enjoy the current season!

Love and salud for friendship!

Erin said...

Excited about Glee, The Office and a bunch of my favourite British shows. Alas, no new season of LOST to look forward to. Thank goodness for dvds!!!

carmar76 said...

I'm excited about Glee & my husband's show (NCIS) & Greek if it ever comes back! Also, missing Lost, but watched the first episode of The Event, and it was pretty good. : )

Phoenix Peacock said...

YEs. this was my favorite scene too. and all I have to say is there better not be any sort of love affair being hinted at by Derek's memories of the shooting. hmmmph!

and Dexter... ah I wish I had TV since that one is harder to find online. but yes. Is it bad to have love affair fantasies with a serial killer?

Celeste said...

I think the best friends are the ones you can call your soulmates. We're so lucky to have them in our lives :)

Jess said...

This is lovely! I'm so glad you have found a bestie who is a soul mate. Very special :)

The Fashion Moodboard said...

I love greys anatomy! Great post!

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