Monday, September 6, 2010

Postal Service.

I realize today is a holiday, but i figured i could still show you the love letters i got this past week. How has your long weekends gone lovies? i unfortunately was stuck at work but next weekend is going to be AH-MAZING!!!! {i can not wait to tell you more about that this week} don't you love when you have something to look forward to? it made working all labor day weekend bearable.

^cd i've been wanting from my college girlfriend J {miss + love you!}

^sweet Kary and her ADORABLE son (who just turned 7 - happy birthday Miguelito!!!) took a trip to Mexico to visit family and spoiled me with traditional Mexican goodies! i couldn't believe how generous she was to think of me while she was home.
a mexican superhero & chia pet Miguel named "silly hippo"
coconut cookies, virgin mary keychain and awesome mexican art mug
Max loves the beaded ring & bracelet and the silver bangle is my favorite: Kary said it's from  Teotihuacan the pyramids. They were told to put the bangle at the top of the pyramid so it could fill up with energy. I think it's magical. 
Kary even sent my parents & twinkie a package of goodies. I can't even begin to tell you how lovely she is! to think of my Pappa being reminded of his childhood warms my heart. My pappa is a volunteer with the "Big Brothers, Big Sisters" organization and he told me he shared some candies with the kid he mentors. I love it! with all our hearts, THANK YOU Kary, dulce amiga! xoxo

^a postcrossing from TEXAS! what could be better than that? how about a handmade one with this quote: "I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves." She's a librarian raising a trio of bibliophiles. 

^postcrossing from England. I also love celebrity/classic icon postcards & i loved that Chrisy sent me one of Lady Di at a ball in 1990.

^a thank-you to April

^to Steph

^postcard to Claire after her funny blog post about her fake parking tickets for bad drivers that had me giggling

^reply to Courtney / postcard for Karleen

^handmade postcard i made for Carrie Marie after this post of hers hurt my heart. 

Also in my mailbox this week was Gracie's "Just Because You're Lovely" swap. I LOVED my package from lovely Melissa of Oh My Darling. I'll share what she gave me when she gets my swap package tomorrow! swaps are my favourite. 


April said...

Wheeeee! Can't wait to get it! ;)
I have a friend who spent some time in Guatamala during her childhood with her crazy missionary parents and she loves those candies. There's a Mexican grocery store/restaurant where we go to college and she always stocks up when we go. Now that I know you like it, when I'm back at school in January I'll send you some!

carmar76 said...

*HUGS* And that postcard healed my heart a lot, Miss Micaela!

Btw, where'd you get the bow tape?

Micaela said...

april you're lovely!!!

carrie marie, etsy of course! ;)

Faiza said...

sweet sweet package from kary and miguelito! makes my heart smile to hear of such kindness and love shared through the post.

robbie williams dreams to you tonight...

Karina said...

: ) I'm so happy everything arrived safely to all of you,and that you guys loved everything - it was sent with so much love....
Your papi is so sweet to share with the child he mentors...
Excited for you and your exciting weekend coming up : )Hope this week goes by super fast for you..
Lots of amor querida from tu sobrino Miguelito he says hola y muchos besos y abrazos para su tia Micaela : ) And lots of love from Me and Humbe...
Kary xoxo

Karina said...

P.S. I love that you think the bracelet is magical : )

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