Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wanting to Know you Wens : purse show-and-tell!

this week i asked to see your purses and what you carry around with you on a given day (like me? i will always have some kind of gum & tampons if you need one... oh and! a can of mace my pappa always makes me carry---so i can protect you too--- just so you know).

i luuurve my Sam Harvey tote! absolutely love it. I got lucky and got paired with Lara, the beautiful designer behind Sam Harvey, in a blog swap {see the rest of my spoils here}. If you're like me and carry so much and need something that's both trendy and durable... this is the brand for you! 

^Carmella i think we have the same phone! i love a girl who's purse contents also include sunscreen, floss (because as she says, "there's nothing worse than popcorn kernels stuck in your teeth") and extra napkins. A trendy girl (i spy Chanel!) who's prepared. 

^Claudia i love that your contents includes your son's belongings: skeleton gloves, toy gun, and his toys. 

 ^Erin Elder i love your pretty pocket mirror and pill box!

this Erin, not to be confused with this Erin:

^Erin i love your Benetton! j'adore your Sawyer travel mug and that you carry an emergency tea bag.  

^Carrie Marie i love that you also carry around a pocket notebook & the same brand carmex. But Neosporin! i always forget it though i do carry around a few hello kitty band-aids.

^Kary also carries around the book she's currently reading & her adorable son's toys! i love the owl coin purse she found at her favorite vintage store & your studded purse!

^Amy also has cute coin purse taste. Something she carries that no one else did is nail clippers & nail polish -- i can just picture her on a bus/subway doing her nails (cute). 

thank-you to everyone who played along! it means a lot to me & it's such a fun way to get to know my darling readers better.


Maddy said...

dammit.. i wanted to play! but i really have nothing more than a wallet and sunglasses in my purse. this inspires me to carry around more useful goodies! :)

eQ said...

I just did a post about the contents of my bag! Crazy!

do you drive a Mazda? We have the same car lock beeper thingy. =)

Claire Kiefer said...

I looooove these Wanting to Know You Wednesdays! I couldn't participate cause my purse is DISGUSTING at this point and this week is the busiest in recent memory so I just couldn't make it happen. But I'll tell you what my purse contains!

My journal, my mini makeup bag, iPhone, teal wallet, passport, a million different lip glosses, several pens, a container of mints, floss, earphones, and a zillion pieces of paper that are cluttering up my wallet like nobody's business!

Another tiny fact about me: I hate gum with a passion! haha. :)

but I looooove you!

Erin said...

Micaela, not to confuse this Erin with that one... but you linked me to her site!

Love your bag. And glad to know you'd be there for me if we came across someone unsavoury in a dark alley! (not that I would ever, ever go in a dark alley, but you know what I'm sayin!)


J. said...

I hate that my pics didn't upload! I see SO many similar things... clean & clear oil sheets, dental floss, neosporin... all the necessities!
And I have the same white bag as Amy- seeing it made me decide to pull it out and carry it again! :)

Claire Kiefer said...

p.s. I would never, ever leave the house without tweezers. They are PERMANENTLY in the zipper pouch of my purse. :)

carmar76 said...

Love all the notebooks and book books! IDK why I didn't think to picture the PURSE with its contents. LOL I'm a ditz, but I'm okay with it. ; )

Karina said...

This was so much fun... I never get tired of telling you how much I love your "Wanting to get to know you Wens"
I love how everybody's purse is full of stuff- now I don't feel that bad
: D
Miguelito will say "Mami-what do you have in your purse rocks?" -lol
He might be right : D

Carla said...

How wonderful to see all these stylish purses and their contents. So intimate. thanks Carla

Micaela said...

Erin, i can't believe i messed that up! I HAD to giggle though because i told everyone not to confuse you two and then i messed up! ha. thanks for pointing that out sweetie. xo

eQ, it's meant to be! what did you think about Dexter?!

Claire, i was so sad you couldn't play along but i knew how especially busy you were this week (my busy bee) how can you hate gum? lol i loved learning that about you.

J, i loved your text this afternoon & was thinking how cute amy's purse is. love you!

Karina, i can ALWAYS count on you & our dulce amiga claudia to play along and i can't tell you how much that means to me... it means A LOT!!! Miguelito is ADORABLE!!! :) xoxo

Claudia said...

Micaela! My son had so much fun trying to to get the right picture he wanted how all of his toys to come up good! He even tried to sneak up on the picture! Thanks for the fun!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

is that pepper spray you have in your bag?

i thought claudia's bag was funny, and i thought she must just be a hilarious person, and then i read that the gun and gloves belong to her son. still funny though!

you wouldn't even want to see my bag. it needs a serious washing. i have a hunk of melted yogurt covered raisin melted to the bottom and boarding passes, b oth from the last sf trip. my earbuds are tangled around everything, and i have so many candy wrappers that i can't even find my wallet! i long for the day when i have a clean, tidy bag!

miss you! i hope they give you some time off soon!

Rhianne said...

I'm gutted I didnt take part in this one - I got home yesterday and completely forgot to do it :( boo Rhianne!

Karleen said...

uggghhhh, I missed another one! I love seeing what people carry in their purses. Mine is a mess right now. The advantage & disadvantage of a larger can put so much in there!

rachel awes said...

ohhhhhhh my goodness!
someone just directed me to your blog & this posting because of a posting i had up this week (2nd posting into my blog). looove such fun purse serendipity!!

because i just posted this, i just emptied out a purse & into a fresh one for fall. dumped were old gum wrappers (w/thankfully no gum!), old loose cough drops, old receipts,...& kept are my checkbooks, phone, lipstick & gloss, a pen, & a teeny notebook!


shelly said...

i loved this post! i haven't carried a purse since last winter (gasp, i know)...i hate carrying a purse in the summer for some reason.

this post makes me want to go purse shopping now!

Anonymous said...

I love your purse... i need to get me one of those. They are so unique and colorful. Completely bummed my pictures didn't download properly. Mine is a little more of a huge mess than all of these cute ones.

its simple love said...

This is so fun! I love it! cLaudia seems like a real fun gal. And these purses tell so much about a person!


p.s. It's the last day to enter my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway!!!

eQ said...

Juat replying to your dexter question.

I thought it wasn't that good. :( But I am sure it'll get better over the next few episodes. I may have had too much anticipation built up.

Lauren Nicole said...

looooooooooovvvveeeee these things. they're all so wonderful and diverse! lovely idea miss m. <3

April said...

So much fun! Wish I wasn't abroad, I would've participated. ;)

AmyK said...

For a second I thought it was dueling carmex vs. burt's bees! Ha!

Love what everyone carries! The toy gun cracked me up.

This was fun :)

Laura Loo said...

oh this is fun! I'm sure I've missed several of these fun getting-to-know-you's, I've been away from the blogs for awhile from vacationing and starting up the school year (teaching). I would've loved to sent in a pic of my cute summer purse, haha. It's pink with bright little fruits (its a Betsey Johnson) but I'll be retiring it soon for a cream one for winter :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Love this!!! I feel like it's a secret little peek into each lady's personality.

heather yalin said...

So good! I kinda missed the boat on this, but I love seeing what everybody else has in their bags. Lots of journals and books and writing implements! Yay!!!

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