Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Postal Service.

Carrie Marie had asked where i got my deco tape from. lovies, i'm pretty sure you know the answer to that one right? where else do i go for anything anymore but etsy.com? two things i've purchased for love letters:
airmail/scissors/postage stamps tape from PrettyTape

i needed new address labels & picked Little Miss Flapper up from Kumquat Designs.

speaking of etsy, this original artwork came in this week - more beautiful in person! i love the collaged card she included and her business cards + sticker.

^pretty Faiza is always so thoughtful! I loved the quote on this card: "It's the good girls who keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time." She got me these gorgeous earrings from an antique market on her street. Faiza said she's lived there for 7 years and had never gone until she ducked in and found these beauties that reminded her of me. They're from the 1950's and the woman who owned them was a passionate lover with a real love of fashion. love love love! thank-you so much Faiza!!! xo

^postcard from Phoenix while on her visit to Buffalo Bill's grave. This is Annie "Little Miss Sure Shot" who traveled many years with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

^a thank-you for a thank-you from April {i adore this girl!} see what i sent that is PERFECTLY her in my outbound.

^i really love my postcards from Zackary, Steph's little boy. i mean how cute is his handwriting!?

my thank-you to april : she loves polar bears & i love art on etsy. I found this one titled 70s pornstar girl from Burnt Feather
she emailed me this photograph below that she has, saying it would go perfectly with it. I'm so glad! there's only so many friends you're comfortable with sending illustrated nudity to... april is one of them. ha

^i also made her a mixed tape to thank her for the two she made me. 

^postcard for my friend Janette in Germany

^Bianca got my post-bruised parcel but luckily everything was in tact.

^things that will always remind me of Bianca : red anything, collages, and spoons a la her blog title goodnight little spoon.


Claire Kiefer said...

I missed this yesterday! Even though I loved your game post. :) We are so similar--I ordered MY address labels from Kumquat designs!! Mine have a typewriter . . . so cute. :) I've also ordered from Pretty Tape--lovely lovely shops! My sister is opening an etsy shop this week for all her vintage houseware finds . . . I will send it to you as soon as it's up!

Love you, and hopefully you'll have something from me for your "inbound" next week. xoxoxo.

Micaela said...

Michelle from Kumquat is just the sweetest isn't she?! YES! YOU HAVE TO SEND ME THE LINK TO YOUR SIS'S ETSY!!! if she doesn't mind, i'll do a feature too ;) you know me and etsy! it's an addiction. ha! and vintage houseware finds-- just my kind of thing!

love you! and you'll be getting something from me. I know i said i'd send it last week (i'm terrible!) but with our new pup stella and the game and work-- ugh. I'm SO excited to send it to you! and it means a lot that it's you.

xoxo off to get ready for work... 4-9 tonight. really!? really!?

greystrawberrys said...

LOVE the tape! <3

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i've been searching etsy lately for pretty tape, but it's kind of bad that there are so many because i want them all but have no idea when in my life i'll ever need that much tape!

Karina said...

I was meaning to ask about the tape... I love it and need to get some it's just so pretty!!!!!! Love all the postcards...

Phoebe said...

There's a post up on my beauty blog about our Robbie swap :)

Erin said...

I've been awful about writing back to you and I'm sorry! I have some things going on right now and they're difficult to talk about and so I've been avoiding putting anything to paper (and let's not forget the back-to-school madness I am currently caught up in!) But I do hope you got my last few postcards. Short and sweet is better than nothing, right? I'll write you a great long letter soon... or perhaps I'll go back and finish the one I started.
Sending hugs,
xoxoxo E

PS: I love those address labels. Really must get some of my own (so many lovely styles on Etsy...)- British Columbia gets a bit long to write after a while!

Marisa said...

... I love those labels and got some after you posted about the peacock ones... I got the typewriter ones too and some with a dandelion. I NEED some of that tape. I LOVED how you put them on the CD cases... So pretty.

Daughter loves her gift and has been wearing them all the time. Have a couple pics will post soon.

PS Something on its way tomorrow. xoxo

Megan said...

I always love your mail posts! I love the girls on the polar bears I might have to get one for myself, I think it would be cute in the bathroom, not sure what visitors would think?
Love your new mail stickers too! You are definitely the etsy queen! I will write soon x

April said...

I truly enjoy being a girl that you can send nude art to. haha Thanks so much, again! I love those address labels. :)

angelina la dawn said...

i want cute address labels! but i move too much... until then i'll crush on yours :)

Sandra said...

Amazing mail!

I could spend HOURS on etsy!! just looking over the treasuries take up so much time!
so much wonderful time. lol


hi seeestur. ^_^

Gracie said...

Oh yes this happy mail is definitely making me want to write letters again. Your next in my pile sweet girl :)

I buy my masking tape from pretty tape on etsy too! I think it's amazing stuff and would buy so many rolls if I could. I would love to have a whole box full. x

Faiza said...

totally digging the small petting zoo of stamps on your outbound to bianca! so FUN!

happy day beautiful girl!

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