Friday, September 17, 2010

you & i

"maybe I think you're cute and funny, 

maybe I wanna do what bunnies do with you, 

if you know what I mean..."

i can't stop smiling when i hear this song. 

thanks to Courtney for putting it on a mixed tape for me xo


heather said...

haha, this is so cute! i love it!

Karina said...

Love it... So nice and mellow ; D

Oh, My Darling said...

This song is so very cute!

alyssa said...

How funny, i was listening to this song over and over earlier today! :)

kid. said...

so glad you love this song, it's one of my favorites! when i started making a mix for you, i KNEW i had to put it on there, because you would fully appreciate it's content (it's lovely to be in love and have songs around like this, isn't it?)

glad you got my letter, some of my penpals haven't been getting my "special" envelopes :( haha.

April said...

I just love the chorus of this song so much. Okay, I love the whole thing, period!

Erin said...

I don't know this song. Going to go have a listen now.

Love you, M! Thanks for your lovely email. I'll write soon and explain everything.


Red Boots said...

I'd never heard this song before, but it's so unbelievably cute. It's definitely put a smile on my face!

Belen said...

gah! seesturr, you don't even know how happy this post makes me. i first heard this song while sitting outside on the patio of my store reading and it really gave me a cozy feeling. :)

Anna said...

i adore ingrid michaelson; her music always seems perfect for cool weather to me! hooray for fall!

Coming Home Soon said...

The new theme tune for my life!!!! I LOVE THIS!! :)

*Biggest Smile EVER*

Louise xo

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