Monday, September 20, 2010

Postal Service.

before i show this week's love letters, i wanted to tell you about my sweet friend Claire's awesome giveaway! one lucky winner will get bunting stationary and handmade envelope set by a chicago artist named Robyn + a print of her beautiful designs. thanks to Claire, i adore her work and might have already ordered a set. Go HERE to claire's for a chance at the winnings!

speaking of one of my best friends... look what she sent me! a little package of sweetness.

i love the card! so us
front of a coin purse, to remind me of her California
the back- like a postcard. love!
^notebook from Urban Outfitters, fabric tape of apples (did i ever tell you my husband-to-be's grandparents owned an apple orchard once upon a time and still have property outside Atlanta? it's where i dream of growing old), beautiful coin purse and because of this post of mine ... Claire sent me these sexy little things from my favorite store to hold up my promise. ooh-la-la! i love you claire xo 

^lurved this postcard from Erin who cutely said the review was suited for describing my blog. KISSES!

^Because of my giddiness from this post, Sophie in Australia sent me their version of Robbie Williams' wedding coverage. AWESOME!

^steph drew me a pretty postcard! i am so honored because as long as she's been my twinkie's bff-- it wasn't until this post from her blog challenge that i found out she loved to draw. 

^envie of surprises from Courtney! i love mixed tapes and her taste in music (seriously loving this song). And an ELVIS magnet?! oh you can't go wrong. I love the King!

^from Phoenix

^i ordered these vintage moccs from Mere Trifles hoping it was a true size 7. as hard as i tried, no such luck. I thought of who might have the same taste and size and asked M if her daughter Kenzie would like them. Her beautiful daughter is a fashionista-- i love a girl who shares a love for rompers. 

when i saw this gorgeous pic of M's daughter wearing them-- it warmed my heart! 

^for my Claire, Carrie Marie, & some postcrossings

^another postcrossing going to Australia. The girl getting this requested personal photographs. This is a scan from my parent's first house together... it's the jewelry box my pappa gave my mom that she still owns. It was one of the first big gifts he gave her. 

^another handmade one going to Belarus. She likes shih-tzus, so of course i had to put this photo of stella on there!

^Kary's little boy Miguelito just turned 7. I'm all about birthdays! i sent him a coffee mug to decorate for his parents and butterfly tattoos to do with his mom (she has a butterfly tattoo that means something personal to her). Home made soap & pocket notebook from our local craft market, summer magnets, and a vintage butterfly tin.

^for Phoenix

^postcard for Steph's little boy Zachary

^for April as she gets ready to cross the pond on  holiday

^a perfectly erin postcard : flowers by a french artist


Karina said...

Those vintage mocs-georgous!!!!! You are so sweet ; D. Omg!!! When Miguelito receives your package he will go crazy... He will love the mug and butterflie tattoos, he wants to get one-lol- Hmmm.. I wonder where he gets it from ; D. A great big Thank you in advance!! I will tell Miguelito that his Tia Micaela sent him something special and he will be so excited... Love u lots... Kary xoxo

Claire Kiefer said...

Oh how happy I was to receive that box at work today. My blog will have better pictures on it now thanks to you, my girl! I saw Marisa's daughter in those adorable shoes and thought she looked so pretty and that you are so sweet. STELLA! I want to hold her in my arms right now!

And Erin could not be more right. That postcard is perfect for your blog--it describes you and what you write so beautifully. It also reminds me of another certain female writer I love <3

Gracie said...

So amazing! You really put together some of the most beautiful and thoughtful packages.

I just finished my letter to you so I hope to send that off really soon! x

Belen said...

i have that postcard pouch too! lol! i got it as a bday present. :)

Erin said...

I'm so glad you liked the postcard. And I can't wait for mine to arrive. You're right... it's perfectly me!

carmar76 said...

Aww! Yay!

And you put together some of the most awesome packages! Inspiring, truly, especially because I'm always looking for gift ideas for my nieces & nephews! : )

Also - rollertoaster! Where did you find that! It made me have a happy!

Stephanie said...

I checked the mail yesterday and pulled out a couple postcards. Zac saw your handwriting and started asking,"What's that? What's that?" I said,"I don't know? Postcards for me." He said,"Uh, I think that one is for me."
He loved the RollerToaster! haha. Too cute!

Phoenix Peacock said...

I just got my postcard last night after a really hard day at school - oh it made my day!

Faiza said...

so much mail love! perfection!
am loving steph's drawing!

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