Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just because you're lovely swap : exchange.

did you sign up for Gracie's swap? i loved the name and the idea was fun & simple: be all about your partner and what they like because they (we!) are all lovely.

i was so excited to get paired up with Melissa at Oh, My Darling. I'll show you what she sent me first. I wrote that i love apple decor, vintage anything, robbie williams, postcards, and unique jewelry. Melissa got me PERFECTLY. Not only that, she spoiled me.

everything was wrapped so cute! apple notebook, vintage salt & pepper shakers & cow knick knack (i'm a vegetarian so i love it) she got for me at Avenue Antique in Baltimore, a book of Paul Frank postcards & a vintage one from San Antonio, Texas. As if all that wasn't enough... look at the layered locket she got me. i die over this one... she told me to open it for a surprise.... 

ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!! How CUTE is she?!!? I mean Melissa incorporated everything i liked. LOVELINESS, indeed. Melissa, you're too much! i adored everything. xo

Melissa wrote that she liked bird items, accessorizing her rings and headbands, music, plants (she's growing succulents right now), stationary and pens to send letters with. Here's what i sent to her, just because she's lovely:

i picked her up a handmade gardeners soap and a mini pocket notebook from a local craft market, stationary goodies including fabric covered cards, succulent candle, mixed cd, owl soap dish i found while thrifting with danielle at our favorite antique shop downtown, and a bird block print in one of her favorite colors. And of course, what's a swap gift from me without an etsy purchase? since melissa likes to match headbands & rings i found these on dinosaur toes.

such a fun little swap with such a lovely girl ! 


Erin said...

Oh what fun! I love a lovely parcel, especially one from lovely you! She's a lucky girl.

I was going to sign up for Gracie's swap, but it was all happening whilst I was in England, so I didn't end up doing it. Next time...

Which reminds me, are you going to host another Christmas ornament swap? And can I be the first to sign up?

xoxo Happy Saturday, sweet Micaela.

Claire Kiefer said...

Wow--this partnership is a match made in heaven . . . I love you BOTH! Of course, everything you got Melissa was perfect, and her package to you was equally amazing . . . how perfect that she gave you a Robbie Williams locket (SO SWEET)! Now I need to get a Tim Riggins locket . . . STAT! haha.

Oh, My Darling said...

Aww, it was superfun to look for treats for you, and reading your account of it all was so fun!!! Thanks for this super-kind post, and for all the lovely goodies that you sent my way. I'll be posting my "thank you" to you, too, though it might be delayed - it's a busy time of year, so all of my posts have been set up and timed for the past and next few weeks.

Also, I've gotten TONS of compliments on the great headband, I've decided I will only write in sparkles for the rest of my life because those pens are so fun, and I smile every time I wash my hands now using that owl soapdish!!! yay!

Stephanie said...

Awww, haha. I LOVE the Robbie Williams locket!! ;)

Micaela said...

Erin, i was just talking to Claire about my ornament swap! :) and YES YES YES!!!

you're too cute.

Claire, i LOVE my robbie locket! Ha

Melissa, seriously- we were like claire said, a perfect match ;) THANK YOU once again darling girl!!!

Gracie said...

Oh wow! You girls did so well with sending each other the perfect gifts! I'm so glad I matched you two up :)

I love all the items you both sent each other!! Thanks again for participating in the swap!

And I'm so in for your ornament swap again! xx

Belen said...

oooh, you gave and got such awesome things!

jasmine said...

ooooo! i LOVE this! who doesn't love mail?!? what a fun swap.

Faiza said...

love this! it is wonderfully apparent that you both loved being able to shower each other with goodies! i love this blog world and the special people in YOU!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

These packages are just awesome and adorable! I forgot to take pictures of the one I sent... Shame on me! You two ARE so lovely!

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