Monday, October 4, 2010

Postal Service.

i love the Kiefer sisters!!! you know i love me some Claire and now i know her sister Kate who's hosting a giveaway for you darling dolce vita readers ( ENTER HERE : 2 more days ). Kate sent me a thank-you card, along with a vintage letter M. How adorable is she?!

as much so as her sister who sent me a beautiful print from Chicago artist Robyn Wells and my new favourite ring, also an original by Robyn!!! it is SO me and i love claire for picking it out for that reason. i loooove it!
(Robyn's packaging is always so cute)

the ring is called "A Fine Lady" -  robyn's description: This ring's focal point showcases a lovely mixed media piece made from a woman's gaze, a flower cut from the folds of a marble statue, a looped string, a doily, and some antiqued paper all encapsulated in clear resin.

i love you Claire!!! xo

^sweetest thank-you card from Jess 

^letter from maria : the card i believe in- "Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative." brilliant! and the stationary reads, "i was never meant to work." 

^postcard from Carrie Marie of a gorgeous photograph her friend took

^cute stationary + postcards from Hosanna Lee who's studying in Manchester 

^card for sweet Sandra

^thank-you for Catherine for my ROBBIE mag : handmade soap & book plates

^postcrossing going to Germany

^glittery hearts go to phoenix

^a housewarming/birthday gift for Rhianne who loves yellow and cameras. When i had just moved to Virginia, Rhianne surprised me with a housewarming gift on a night i was stuck at home thanks to record snow--  i was especially homesick. It meant so much to me!

i seriously have THE BEST blog friends who i simply adore. xo


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Oh my goodness, the packaging is so cute, and I love that "M". Just found your blog :) I love the people I have met in this crazy blog world too, it's awesome!

Claire Kiefer said...

Love it all, glad you love the ring (I already knew you loved the print), and as usual, you have the best mail, in and out, in all the land! xo

carmar76 said...

Oh my heck, too darling and always inspiring. (I know I say it a lot, but you ARRRRE!)(Sort of looks like there should be a C and an I in that word.)(hah!)

Phoenix Peacock said...

my mailbox has not been this happy in a while (although I'm thankful to have Claire and you as loyal faithful penpals to keep the dry spells from becoming depressing!) and I'm feeling inspired to make some fun mail!

Gracie said...

As usual another wonderful round of lovely mail. That Pantone mug is gorgeous and I'm sure Rhianne will love it!

Rhianne said...

You are the best blog friend :) I seriously adore my mug, you have no idea!! I'm so glad you took photos as I still haven't and I keep meaning too (I'm rubbish at post posts...)

heather yalin said...

Sweetness + love all around! Such a beautiful print and ring too! xoxo

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Love all your book suggestions... I read Eat, Pray, Love... and I loved that one, too!! But I have heard that I need to read Time Travelers Wife... I saw the movie already, and I hate when I see the movie first!

Faiza said...

blog friends ROCK!!!

i am still usig that soap you sent me. have been using it every day since you sent it and there is still a little bit left! it is never ending and so good for my skin!

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