Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wanting to Know you Wens : show me a halloween costume!

with Halloween just around the corner, i thought a fun virtual date would be halloween costumes!

email me a pic of an old halloween costume you loved or take a photo of the one you've picked out this year.

you've seen probably my favorite halloween costume {the year i was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader} so here's a plainer one... my fall back is bunny or cat ears when i have to put together something quickly- like last year- see what i mean?

I had just left work and went straight to my girlfriend Lauren's halloween bash {don't you love her Marie Antoinette?} Twinkie was an 80's secretary (too bad you can't see my tail!)

this photo cracks me up! Shots in a toy gun... looks kind of sexual. {i love you lo!}

this year i'm thinking Wonder Woman. Email your costumes to by next Wens. and i'll post them right here on Dolce Vita Wens. night.

include your blog link {if you have one!} & what you are. Can't wait to see them!!! 

i do so love when you play along...  xo


Claire Kiefer said...

80's secretary is HILARIOUS! Soooo funny. I usually pride myself on my costumes, but . . . this year the Saints are playing the Steelers on Halloween night! haha. I'll probably dress up as something the Friday before Halloween, at least.

Can't wait to see everyone's costumes! I'll send you a funny one.

Fritzi Marie said...

I'm not sure that I am brave enough for this one. When I was 25
(ten years ago, CRAZY) I dressed up as Bettie Page. I had Amelie hair at the time and a smaller figure. I wish I could pull it off now, with my longer hair. But this married woman will be a Kitty Kat again this year. Meow!

love love,

Micaela said...

Claire, can't wait!!!

Kat, OF COURSE YOU ARE!!! i bet you made one sexy Bettie Page!!! do you have a pic of that? i wanna see ;) MEOW, indeed!

Meghan said...

This is adorable! I love it! I am totally sending you an email!

Megan said...

Oh I think you will make a great wonderwoman!
I wish we celebrated Halloween here :-( It always looks like so much fun!

heather yalin said...

You pretty girls all in white! Just such a lovely photo and you look SO happy! I'll have to see if I have any photos down here. I did, but then my computer with all the photos on it was stolen... So I think those pics must be lost.

Karina said...

You both look so cute!!!! Loved Marz costume -so cute and original : D
This will be so much fun, I'm not sure if I have any of my pictures in costume but I will be sure to send one of Miguelito at least : D

Kary xoxo

Belen said...

LOL the shots out of a gun is BRILLIANT!

heisschic said...


can't wait for this "date!"

Faiza said...

oh oh oh!
my 8 yr old self is jumping up and down!)
i think i can play!
i think i can play!

Faiza said...

oh an din my excitement i forgot to comment on marianne's 80's secretary...highlarious. can't wait for wednesday!

Claudia said...

not a fan of halloween! see you on your next Wanting to know your Wens..

Leesh said...

I'm emailing you a photo of my costume from a few years ago. I think you will like it and get a kick out of it. My mom made it for me!

Oh, My Darling said...

Hey! I was Wonder Woman a few years back. I think I still have the costume. It's a size medium, and one of those costumes from Party City or the like. I can't remember if the zipper is broken or not, but if it's all in tact, would you be interested in it (free, of course, as it's not in complete selling condition)? Send me an email if you'd be interested.

Faiza said...

can't find my pics from the last halloween that i dressed up which was more than five years ago i am sure! looking forward to seeing all the pics!

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