Saturday, October 9, 2010

Colours of the Rainbow Swap : Sent & Received.

i thought jess' swap, "colours of the rainbow swap" was a brilliant idea! pick a colour and whoever gets you, puts together a package with that color as the theme + vice versa. I actually missed the deadline but jess emailed me and said there was someone else who wanted to play along (and missed the deadline... us slackers!) and when she told me it was Karina, i was even more excited! 

we're already dear friends and have sent things to each other in the post before. this was going to be fun!

Kary chose the colour RED. Here's what i sent off to her & her 7 year old Miguelito:

 ^hand made card. I immediately thought of this quote from the classic Breakfast at Tiffanys when she said red.

^i was so happy when they had Starburst with just the reds + pink, rose stickers, red frame for a family photograph, pink argyle socks (i also found a pair of spider man grippies for Miguelito that's not pictured), red nail polish, strawberry cheesecake lip gloss, a rose ring, keep calm and carry on card, and a Frida tea towel i fell in love with when i saw it on Loud Mouse.

my color was PINK.  i just knew Kary and her sweet little boy Miguelito were going to spoil me, and spoil me they did: 

i already fell in love with the packaging / outside and inside:

leaves her papi picked up for me in Central Park

i love handmade cards & the pretty in pink reference! 

the one Miguel made me:
delicious autumn! leaves from Central Park.

pink ballet flats to dance around in

^flower stationary, electric guitar wallet, water bottle, apple lotion, nail polish, lipgloss all in the pretty butterfly makeup bag. i opened the little wallet to an a sweet surprise! oh how i love elvis

 ^sweet teddy bear, cheshire cat socks, and some cute shorts with sheep to lounge in

check out this awesome top! Kary said it was love at first sight and she thought of me. I love it!!!

i LOVED everything! it was such a fun idea for a swap. We laughed because we both sent each other nail polish, lip gloss, and socks. i love it!

thank-you so much for the rainbow fun Kary & my sweet sweet Miguelito xoxo & thank-you Jess for fitting us in *wink


Claire Kiefer said...

Okay so that looks like pretty much the most fun swap in the world! I totally would have gotten over my whole swap resistance for this one! You both did a great job, and hilarious how similar your packages were--socks and nail polish and lip gloss, but also movie quotes on the cards, and you wrapped everything in the color's tissue paper . . . tooooo funny. :) How wonderful that you were partnered with Karina. I want to find a fun swap like this and have a good experience! haha.

Erin said...

I agree with Claire. Most fun swap ever! Wish I'd known about it. Love all the fun reds you sent and the pinks you received!

Any sign of my letter yet? It's not half as exciting as that parcel, but it is epic in length (and subject matter)!!!

PS: Claire- you'll have to do Micaela's Christmas ornament swap. It's the first one I ever did, and I loooooved it!

carmar76 said...

there's a christmas ornament swap?? count me iiiiinnnnn! : )

this one looks like it was super cool, too! especially since elvis showed up in the wallet. *purr*

Jess said...

You guys spoiled each other so much! It is fantastic! I'm keen for your christmas ornament swap too :) And I think I might organise another swap soon. Thanks so much for taking part x

Karina said...

: D You are just so sweet and truly the sweetest girl ever! Slackers - Ha! Love it.... Couldn't have been paired up with anybody better, a night owl and a slacker- Love our similarities : D
Loved the pictures and Miguelito was so happy to see his card online : D
Happy you loved everything and I can't wait to post about the swap myself, I just need to memory card with the pics : D
Thank you dulce amiga for everything you are the best, and a many thanks to Jess for the fun swap and pairing up : D


P.S. I feel much better sweetie - thank you! And yes I love An Education and especially that song : D

Tillie said...

AHHHHH! Amazing. ELVIS! i want a picture of him to go in my wallet. yes. i think its important. i will get onto that. haha i love you girly. and mis syou heaps. a letter is on its way to you. yum!

Megan said...

This looks like such a fun swap, I am sad that I missed out on it.
I love the drink bottle you received.
Are you doing your Christmas decoration swap this year? I hope so :-)
I sent a letter your way on Friday, I hope it arrives soon for you. Have a wonderful weekend.

Gracie said...

Love it! How cute are the little pink flats! It's awesome that you girls got each other because it's definitely a spoil fest.

It was a fun swap!

bklyn76 said...

wow, you guys spoiled each other! such fantastic packages! i need to get in on these swaps one of these days!

Meghan said...

What an awesome swap! You two are so thoughtful and creative!

April said...

What a fun swapp!! I have that make-up bag. My friend gave it to me for my birthday, filled with travel size things for England. :)

Lauryn said...

What an adorable idea! I love the color theme. Both of those packages look amazing. Great job with yours!

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