Monday, October 11, 2010

perfect perspective.

so this is my facebook profile pic and my husband-to-be just commented, "Pretty soon! I'm excited, Mrs. Maxham!"

i could not stop smiling! He is my life's greatest blessing.

having the day off, i felt creative and sat at my thrifted school desk replying to your love letters. i was writing back to a dear friend who shared her past toxic relationship and of course, inevitably, it brought back memories of my past demons. Toxic is a good word for said relationship.

my heart is free of my past. for awhile it has been and finally.

it has been a long road getting here but i am exactly where i was meant to be. I am lucky to be here, right now in my present with such a beautiful heart to share it with.

it reminded me of what Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in the book that changed my life:

"The philosopher Sufi said that God drew a circle around the exact spot you are standing on. I was never not going to be here. This was never not going to happen." 

-pg 280

i was never not going to follow my heart to Virginia to be with my future husband.

It puts all the struggles, tears, even our personal heartaches into perfect perspective.

i was never not going to be with this man for the rest of my life.

(a huge thank-you to Sandra for my pink sash) 


Maddy said...

beautiful realization. i love that you sit at your little school desk ;)

when is the big day?!

Erin said...

This post makes my heart so happy.

Karina said...

And "Love Prevails"
Now I have a goofy grin on my face : D
I am so happy for you two, and especially that you have been freed from your past for a while now. In my opinion that is one of the hardest things that we all go through, getting over certain demons.
Yay - for pretty soon - Mrs.Maxham


carmar76 said...

do we get to call you Max & Mrs. Max then? : ) am w/ maddy about your desk; that is such a neat thing to have in your house!!

heather said...

this is such a sweet post and i adore that quote! i really need to re-read eat pray love. it has been too long! & congrats on finding exactly where you are supposed to be. :)

erin elder said...

You are absolutely darling. I love this photo and I love his little comment... just adorable!!

oh, and I totally know what you mean about the whole 'toxic relationship' thing, funny thing, i've been typing up this post about that very thing!! i just haven't gotten the courage to hit 'post' just yet... soon.

That quote really is amazing... and really DOES put everything into perspective doesn't it?

: )

Max said...

I am so lucky to have you as my partner as we go on through all the ups and downs. Whenever something happens, I always want to tell you first. We're a team.

It will be good when we make it all "official" soon! You are my heart!

Sandra said...

this post reaaaaally made my heart feel happy and light. :)
i remember when you first posted that picture, and thinking, what a beautiful bride she'll be.
i'm so happy for you, seester.


Geisslein said...

Such a beautiful and heart touching post, it´s pleasure to read this! I wish you all the best, beautiful texas girl!

April said...

That's one of my favorite quotes, too. Love this post. :) When are you getting married anyway??

Marisa said...

happy realization... indeed. It is such peace once you have finally made it to that point, even with the ups and downs... knowing that will get you through all of it. Love you

Kenza Salem said...

awwww thats so cute!!
looove the sash!

Claire Kiefer said...

So sweet. And yes, you are indeed both very lucky! Must be such a calming feeling . . . and I'm comforted to think that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. xo.

Faiza said...

such a beautiful perspective and something that is a blessing to realize in dark times and light. thank you for this little lift to my heart today!

Phoenix Peacock said...

loving it!!!

shelly said...

ohhhh thank you for posting this. i needed to be reminded :)

Cynthia said...

this was such a beautiful post you'll make a lovely bride! I know it and how lucky you and max are to have found each other

Annie Cristina said...

Aw, this post made my heart smile. I'm so happy for you!!! <3

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