Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wanting to know you Wens : the Halloween Costume date!

last week i asked everyone to email me pics of halloween costumes and you lovies delivered. it's been SO much fun seeing you all decked out! i got to thinking about what a FUN halloween party this would be. 

^April as a housewife (i would like to take the liberty to add "sexy" in front of housewife) LOVE the apron & hair!

^Angelina as a fawn and her husband as Max from "where the wild things are" (she made his costume) Angie says she's planning on being Elvis this year... can't wait to see that! isn't her fawn make-up pretty?

^Maddy as Sarah Palin : she had a fake gun and a pin that said, "ask me about the bush doctrine." hilarious!
^my beautiful Claire. Oh my goodness, i die over little clown claire!!!  Meow! her sexy convict outfit was when she was teaching at San Quentin State Prison... a wee bit of irony/twisted humor. *wink

^Jess during her first halloween post-college... a bunch of new hires and herself went to an island in lake erie that primary consists of bars. The girls all went as a bachelorette party- she went as the Maid of Honor (hence the penis antlers!) Jess said she had more fun with their fake party than most do at real bachelorette shindigs!

^leesh, my husband-to-be thought you were just gorgeous as wonder woman, which is who i want to be this year... thanks! ha joking cos i agree with him! Leesh's mom made this costume... amazing!

sticking with the comic characters... look at this little guy!!!
^i can't get over Karina's adorrrable Miguelito as Wolverine! (kary i called my twinkie right away and told her she has to have a little boy so she can dress him up just like this!- they have a pup who's name is Logan for Wolverine cos her husband is a big fan) Kary's husband makes a good Joker doesn't he? so cute!

^my Lauren as a beautiful Marie Antoinette! my Lo is a girlfriend back home in Texas (who also blogs!) and this is us at a Halloween bash i hosted a few years ago. Lauren has a sister Mehle (the cat) and of course... there's my Twinkie as a British Royal Guard! (i miss our sister dates!)

also at the party was our friend Steph as the cutest Madonna! there was a guy dressed as a scary Mike Myers... we still have no clue who he was (i think he was a friend of my then boyfriend)
and it's Halloween bash so you HAVE to do the thriller dance... "Michael Jackson" and the Hippie was... Marianne was in her own little world with Mike Myers! ha we had so much fun!

back to Lauren... she decorates for every holiday and always has a decked out party. Last year she had a Masquerade ball. My masked costume is in the middle (i miss my old room!) and us together after i've had one too many! man oh man, i miss my girlfriends back home. 
aw, the best of times!

^Krissa as a dark angel (how pretty is your make-up)

^which is the opposite with Sarah as a dazzling devil to her youngest sister's angel. 

^the following year she was a gypsy and says thank heaven women don't have to wear corsets every day anymore even if they are incredibly slimming. (i was a gypsy one year & couldn't imagine wearing one so kudos to you!)

^how spot-on is Meghan's Mary Poppins? 

^i love this one! Steph and her friends went as musical icons of the 80's. Can you guess who she is? Boy George! awesome.

^Rhianne as a fairy cat

^Laura as a 1st grader as a tap dancer in her Can Can outfit (she jokes it's a bit risque looking back "ooh la la!") and remembers being in love with the feather in her hair. Laura a few years ago with her boyfriend (dressed in Miami Vice style) and rocking the side pony tail to channel the 80's. (i love the jem star earrings!)

Seriously so much fun you guys! thank-you for playing along once again on these fun little virtual dates. i plan on doing another one after this Halloween, so do plan to snap photos. xo


Marian said...

Gosh this gives so many good ideas for this year:) Love 'em

Claire Kiefer said...

Adorable! Every one of 'em! I love that you do these sweet virtual dates, cause it is SO FUN to see everyone, of course. :) This little task made me realize that I hardly have any Halloween pics on my computer--I sent you the only two that I had! I need to hunt for some more old Halloween pictures . . . might have to call my mama for help with that.

How precious that Marianne was a British royal guard?!?!

Would you believe that I still don't know what I am going to be for Halloween this year? Last year I was Cupid (heehee), but I'm totally opposed to using the same costume two years in a row, so I have to think of something else good . . . at the very least, I will get some cute pics of my littlest friends in their costumes (Milo is going to be a chicken and Jude an egg!). love you!

Maddy said...

love it! That was probably my best Halloween since I was younger... I don't think I'm dressing up this year :(

Megan said...

Such a great wanting to know you Wens post! It makes me wish we celebrated halloween here. Megan as Marry Poppins is just perfect!

Phoenix Peacock said...

haha I love this post! What fun!

Meghan said...

This was the best idea ever!!! Everyone looks so incredible! Thanks for the inspiration!

Erin said...

Oh no! Seriously. Is it Wednesday already? I totally meant to do this and then completely forgot.

i-zilla said...

i LOVE the idea of being a fawn. so cute!

Steph said...

Micaela! This is by far one of the funnest posts I've read probably ever. I love it! And I love that I'm in such great company with all these incredible costumes. Such creativity. Such fun! I can't wait for Halloween.

Laura Loo said...

Yay! This was definitely a fun one. I had a good time fishing up my old Halloween pics. I wish I still fit in that can-can outfit! haha.
The Mary Poppins is great, and the Royal Guard is so unique!

Rhianne said...

I love Wens because of these posts :) How fun is this? We're having a party this year and I'm so excited about it!

gae said...

Very fun post.. giving me lots of idea for this year ^_^

A Little Dot

Alyssa said...

Meghan's Mary Poppins is just AMAZING, and not something people generally think to dress up as!

I wish we had Halloween!

Marisa said...

I just love all of these... eould you believe that I have never really dressed up for halloween. My parents never really did it when we were kids and as an adult the most I do is wear ears/wigs or a fun hat. I am a party pooper I know.....

Faiza said...

LOVE THIS POST and smiled so much while checking out all the pictures! love it!

marianne in her own little world while thriller is on is hilarity!

April said...

What a fun post! :)

Leesh said...

Great post! It was fun to see all the costumes. I don't think I will be joining in Halloween festivities this year. Sadly I have to work and I'm pretty sure lawyers won't appreciate me dressed up as Little Miss Muffet.

You should totally dress up as Wonder Woman. It was such a fun costume to dress up in. It's the only time you can go out and prance around in your underwear!

Karina said...

Oh this post was so much fun!!! Miguelito loves Logan!!!! Wolverine number one fan with Humbe - they can watch wolverine over and over and over again....
Awwwwww... I can just imagine Marz little boy dressed as wolverine - que bonito....

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