Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sharing Sundays... Brown Girl Blogs.

i adore this Beautiful Brown Girl from the city i love, Dallas. As a fellow Brown (semi yellow) girl from Texas, i love her just that much more. 

she just got married (have you seen her wedding dress? gorgeous!) to her husband M and i couldn't be more happy for them! they are the cutest couple with the cutest little dog children.

here's one of their babies, a westie named Jane. look at that face!

another reason i love her : she loves TEXAS sports!!! 

and has regular meet-ups, girl night outs with blog friends (seriously, we're going to meet up next time i'm in Texas. seriously. Two brown girls? imagine that fun blog post!)

i'm jealous of her style! this gucci purse? wedding gift from her husband. 

and look at what she was for her office halloween costume party!!! i die over her adorable Big Bird costume!!! 

she also loves/is close to her family which i am too (i think all of us brown girls are). 

she's also sarcastically funny, kind, and the cutest! see why i think she's fabulous and congratulate the new bride here.


carmar76 said...

oh my heck, cuuuute costume! i'll have to check out her blog.

Brown Girl said...

Oh my gosh, you are the sweetest, when I was scrolling through my dashboard I saw my header...I was like WTF? And then I read your post. So sweet of you! Thank you! ;)

We will most definitely have to meet up next time you are here!!!

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