Monday, October 18, 2010

Postal Service.

nothing like receiving a gift from my best friend. scratch that... nothing like coming home from a snail of a day at work to a beautiful package from my best friend and her beautiful daughter. 

^How pretty is the wooden tin? one of our old favorite tv shows was Felicity. Do you remember when Felicity used to send "tape letters" to her friend Sally? my bestie came up with a fabulous idea to "talk" letters. This was our first exchange and i'm excited about it! it's so nice to hear my soulmate's thoughts out loud. and her daughter is precious! she made me the above card and headband. i love it! and i'm loving her letters. 

^me and stella got a letter from sweet Alyssa! she made us matching bow necklaces- loveee! she saw Stella got her first haircut and said that was reason to celebrate. Stella bear sends you puppy kisses xo and! she has a little gift going out to you this week.

^a much anticipated Hello from Erin (j'adore the card!)

^from L. Nicole (have i told you how much i love getting letters addressed with my future last name?)

^spoils from Kat: not only did she send me a handful of amazing postcards (spot my Elvis?!), film slides,  an antique hanger that will hold photostrips/postcards/etc (and will hang on our christmas tree this year!), knee high socks (my autumn essential), and a hello kitty pocket notebook... she sent me "thank-you" letters to pass along to my brother from the girls she teaches sunday school to. I held them to my heart, they meant so much to me. I sent them out to him today and it was SO NICE to not address it to Iraq. I'm so glad he's home. A HUGE heartfelt thank-you to sweet Kat xoxo

^a gorgeous postcrossing from Italy- it reminded me of my girlfriend jessie... read today's guest post over at her blog to find out why? grazie!

^this postcard is from my pen pal Rry in Singapore (who i also met through Postcrossing)

my momma has been on her crocheting frenzy! she made matching doily and butterfly magnet sets - coming soon to a post box near you *wink. She is so cute! she truly makes these just for you lovies. I adore it!

^for Phoenix

^reply to Erin. Erin, i took this on my window sill (excuse the dirty window!) because of your "tuesday through window" play along. 

some handmade postcards:

^for Steph who loves scary films!

^for my friend Ethan in Dallas

^an upcycled Lennon postcard for Beatles fan L. Nicole (commemorating what would have been his birthday)

^for Erin who loves tea

and then a couple not handmade: 

^postcrossing to Lithuania 

^one of Bianca's postcards going to Rry

^to sweet Gracie

^Jane Austen card for Maria

and tomorrow on my off-day i have more care packages/thank-you's to put together. I have so much fun putting together love letters for my dear dear friends. xo

P.S. GO RANGERS!!! beat those YANKS!


Karina said...

Happy Mail : ) Everything is Oh so Beautiful!!!! Your mami is so sweet, but no surprise their.
Felicity rocked and still does!!!!

Erin said...

You are so lovely. How thrilled am I to see not one but two pieces of mail coming my way? Mail from you, my sweet M, always makes me happy! And both letters look so pretty. I'll be watching the post every day in anticipation!

carmar76 said...

Love seeing all your fun incoming and outgoing mail! And your mama is such a sweetheart, it's no wonder you & your twinkie are awesome!

erin elder said...

That photo of you and Stella is absolutely adorable!! Those bows are so sweet!!

Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh the necklaces are perfect for you both! So glad you love them :) xx

Niki said...

I LOVE the matching bows! So unbelievably cute.


Gracie said...

Mail mail mail! Your mail post makes me extremely happy. And I'm soo excited to get my letter :)

You are seriously the post queen!!! xx

Taylor Yves said...

my goodness girly, what do you do with all of these gifts? what a loved lady.

Marisa said...

All of this is so lovely... I especially love the handmade cards you make. So creative. I bet the recipients just adore them.
I am excited for our talking letters... I am pretty sure only YOU would LIKE listening to me ramble about. xoxo

Fritzi Marie said...

I am so happy that your package arrived safe and sound. Bono Baby and I had so much fun putting it together for he. He loves making care packages almost as much as I do.
love love,

Faiza said...


(and if you are reading this claire...GO GINATS!)

such a pretty card to pheonix. next to giraffes, they are another favourite of mine!

and i love all of bianca's collages too. perfection! can't wait to get her zine.

happy day sweet micaela.

city girl said...

What a cute package! I'm of e-mail... I think everyone should go back to sending actual letters, and fun little packages =]

Oh, and I love the Andy Warhol letter. He's my fav!

PS - GO YANKEES!! Haha sorry, I had to.

Medical Librarian said...

I love seeing all of the mail you receive and send. So fun!

Oh, the memories. Felicity is one of my all-time favorite shows (and characters).

Hope you're enjoying your day off!!

Em-Jae said...

Wow! You are seriously Queen of the Mail. This makes me want to makes some collages for my amigas and ship them out asap... I think they may frown upon the magazine-scissors-gluestick art project at work though! Haha, it'll have to wait for the weekend. Dangit.

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