Monday, November 15, 2010

Postal Service.

^awesome Elvis postcard from April! she picked this up at a funky hole-in-the-wall art gallery in Machester. 
^from my darling Sanja (my first pen pal when we were both 12) : gorgeous ruffled purse/clutch and a pretty scarf (purple is max's fave colour on me). virginia's autumn is perfect for wearing it! she even put her perfume on it. beautiful! inside the purse were teas she drinks when she's cold and Dexter energizing bon bons for when i work too hard. i love you Sanja! xo

^fun autumn letter from maria

^postcard of my heaven on earth from a postcrossing turned pen pal, Celenia

^pretty card from sweet Erin. Guess what!? today we had our first skype date- it was so much fun! and her little boy sawyer is JUST as cute as you think he is! in fact, he told mum he wanted to go to Starbucks today and i giggled that he was def. her son! i love it. we must do it again Erin!

^i lurved this record envie from Alyssa! Madonna & one of my favourite songs, no less.
she even included the vinyl. awesome!

^also awesome was this photograph tina in canada wrote on the back of and sent as a postcard. This is from a trip to St. Lucia. (i also like that me and tina met through postcrossing and that she said our correspondence made her excited about snail mail again! to me, that means a lot)

^another thing that came in the mail today was this pretty giveaway win! I couldn't believe when my name was picked for Annie Christina's Busy Bee Lauren giveaway. Thank you both ladies! i always feel like a million bucks if i should win a giveaway and am always so grateful. 

^a little thankyou to my Lindsey Birdy for the fabulous Mac/Chanel!/Estee makeup goodies she sent : because she loves flowers, print by Burnt Feather & vintage brooch, and a vintage Parisian photograph postcard packaged in The King & I record cover (see Alyssa? great minds think alike!)

^handmade postcard for my bestie Marisa

^and one for Lauren Nicole

^reply to maria

^postcrossing going to Sweden for someone who requested recipes

^postcards going to Phoenix and Carrie Marie, telling them i've been feeling like this lately

^thank you stamps to Faiza (a vanity fair envie with my girlfriend penelope cruz -- i made sure she was showing)

^the card i used for Erin... very Erin

speaking of love letters... i might have already bought my Christmas cards! don't worry, i'll wait til december 1st atleast to send them but i'm just saying. I might be one of those girls that secretly smiles when Christmas decorations go up in October and sings along to the radio station that plays nothing but Christmas songs!


Karina said...

So much happy mail for such a Dulce amiga ; D. We LOVE Christma and went thrifting today and found some cute little vintage ornaments, including a Santa Claus with a parachute - Miguelito already put it up with some other decorations ; D and the music oh we love Christmas music and we listen to different mixes as well as the classics ; D. Lots of holas, hugs, and love from your sobrino Miguelito to you all ; D Lots of amor xoxo

Tillie said...

oh elvis. he is simply. wonderful.

Gracie said...

Me too! I love Christmas and I've got some Christmas cards as well. I'm already planning how to wrap my gifts and my gift list, decorations etc...

Seeing your mail makes me inspired again to do mine. Your letter in next in my pile. I've decorated the envie already :)

Thanks again for entering my giveaway too!

Phoenix Peacock said...

Just got my postcard today. David teases me about how happy your mail makes me! haha

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

aaahhhhhh, gasp! the king and i is my favorite! was it a record? where did you find it?

hope you had a good monday!


Micaela said...

oh no danielle! it was a record that i picked up at goodwill. I wish i would have known!!! they have a lot of records at our estate specialists-- we'll scour them til we find one!

i had a good monday off -- rainy weather, is there any better day to have off? i just enjoyed a greek salad from OIP! yum

ugh, i feel bad about using a record you love for an envie. See? it's these things your girl fiance should know about! :)

Marisa said...

Oh my... i can't wait to get it.... I LOVE it already

Marisa said...

Oh my... i can't wait to get it.... I LOVE it already

Kinsey Michaels said...

aww you got so many awesome things in the mail! there's nothing i love more than a handwritten note. i used to have a lot of penpals when i was younger. so fun!

carmar76 said...

i'm right there w/ you on christmas! i need to get cracking on writing the cards, tho. heh. and oh!!! how do you always time it just so that the day i get your postcard is the day you post about sending it? lol it's way neat anyway. : )

love ya!

Sandy a la Mode said...

this post is soo full of gorgeousness!!! love the ruffle purse!!

Belen said...

i ADORE that quote by hepburn!!!!!

Erin said...

I am most definitely one of those girls that smiles when the first Christmas song hits the airwaves (I might even get a bit teary-eyed...)

I bought my cards in London this summer. Though I did pick up a special one for you a few weeks ago- I couldn't resist it! It just had Micaela written all over it!

Loved our skype date today so much! Maybe next time you can see Dylan. He feels the same about Starbucks as his little brother does!

I got your email. It made me grin from ear to ear! And I have to say, I love the card you've sent me already, and it's not even here yet. I just know.

E xoxo

Alyssa said...

Great minds indeed!!!

So glad it made it without extra postal stickers, they thought i was crazy being so demanding to fit them all on the back :)

Farah said...

oh that is so lovely! I have a few things that I really need to do and hopefully get out before Christmas! have a happy one my dear! xoxo

gleenn said...

I love the purse, really :)

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heather yalin said...

That first Elvis postcard is hilariously awesome! :) So fun to see your mail posts and get carried away by the love with you!

Faiza said...

love that elvis postcard and can't wait to send you some treats i've been collecting!!!

tuesday hugs to you!

Lauryn said...

I love that clutch! Anything with ruffles eins my approval. I'm addicted!

The King and I poster brings back memories. I've always been a huge musical junkie!

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