Saturday, November 20, 2010

vintage jewelry & autumn comfort.

two swaps to show off... (i just love a good swap!)

the first one was the vintage jewelry swap hosted by kjrsten. i got paired up with Holli Kristina (who's own jewelry creations i love and showcased here) who sent me vintage gems:
i haven't stopped wearing the pretty gold bangle! i told holli i loved that she sent me gorgeous brooches because it's one fashion trend i haven't mastered and a goal i gave myself this autumn-- to incorporate more on cardis/sweaters. didn't she do good? 

here's what i sent to Holli: 
(sent in a vintage looking tin that i believe used to hold coffee)
finding these brooches above made me want to incorporate them in my wardrobe. A butterfly ring and two pairs of earrings including a pair of Sombrero ones!!! aren't they fabulous? the middle sticks up and everything. At first i wasn't sure if anyone else would like them but me and then danielle (my thrifting date) said they were too cute not to get. I'm glad i did because Holli loved those best-- yay!

another fun swap i participated was actually the first swap i ever did and couldn't wait to participate in again this year. I just love the idea behind Sofia's Autumn Comfort Swap.

put your heart into sending four gifts: Comfort Food, Comfort Drink, Comfort Food for the Soul, and a Comfort Surprise. 

Susie sent me a perfect autumn comfort package:

*comfort food: Annie's (yummy organic/homegrown products) shells with real aged cheddar and dark chocolate candies (my fave!)
*comfort drink: local coffee beans from Portland
*comfort food for the soul: The Pilot's Wife and postcards with her photography and favorite quotes (don't you love that? see more in her etsy shop)
*comfort surprise: vintage coffee mug for my collection

pretty me, no? 

i got Laura who told me she used to live in La Rochelle, France. i decided to go with a european theme:
*comfort food: my absolute favourite coffee cookies! they are so good. 
*comfort drink: french vanilla hot chocolate
*comfort food for the soul: parisian journal and french soap
*comfort surprise: two things she collected- postcards including a vintage french one i was so excited to find at my favorite antique shop- and quirky magnets. she also mentioned loving music so i threw in a mixed tape for her. 

aren't swaps fun? i had a lot of fun with these two... 

sending and receiving, so thanks ladies!!! xo

P.S. ornament exchangers, don't forget the deadline to mail your ornies are by november 22nd. i hope you're  having fun with it and i can't wait to see all the beautiful ones you pick out!


prac, schmac said...

i LOVE MY SOMBREROS i've gotten so many compliments at work xo

Claire Kiefer said...

Micaela I love that ring and the sombrero earrings are especially amazing coming from the sweetest half Mexicana in the world! You did such a wonderful job with this swap (like there was any doubt). I'm gonna share mine too, but I don't think my partner has received hers yet. Soon! She sent me a ring that I love <3

Phoenix Peacock said...

you seem to have a knack for finding the BEST gifts that really fit your partners personalities and their likes. Amazing and generous as always Micaela

Cassie said...

Great swaps and the perfect time of year for a good old dose of comfort.

I can't wait to see my ornament this year too and with the forecast of snow for next week - it's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Karina said...

The ring killed me!!! You find the most beautiful things. The sombrero earrings so cute : )

I love doing swaps because I get to make new friends : )
Love you xoxo

Faiza said...

i love seeing the love and care you put into all your swaps and snail mail and gifts to others. your heart is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. the best part of getting anything from you is the words you write...from your heart.

lurve you said...

i love those pictures from the last sitting. fantastic.

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