Monday, November 8, 2010

Postal Service.

but first... 

as much as i LOVE working with dogs, some mornings they are lucky i love them so much--- nothing like the foulest smelling Boxer poop hug on my white v to wake me up.  My husband-to-be and family joke that i'm a spoiled prima donna so i had to snap a photo for proof that i'm not as spoiled as i used to be. Gross, i know but at least it wasn't on you right?
urban outfitters has some cute ornaments!
tonight i'll start rounding up partners for le Ornament Swap and start sending emails tomorrow. I am so excited! {70+ people have signed up! yay!}

^j'adore this hand made Bardot postcard from Nadine in France (my favourite postcrossing!)

^two very sweet card regarding this post and loss ... thank you Phoenix (don't you love that her letter was in an origami heart?) & Maria! you both touched my heart. xo

i've introduced you to my beautiful ny friend Lindsey (my birdie) before... she's the pretty girl in the middle during Fashion Week in NYC. She sent me a plethora of eye candy makeup that makes me feel automatically fancy!!! Chanel & MAC + estee lauder... oh my goodness, it was like christmas came early! thank-you beautiful girl!!!

^from my new pen pal, Karolina in Poland (the chocolate was obviously delish!) 

^postcard from Rry in Singapore

^postcrossing from Cheshire that looks just like my Maverick!

^from hosanna in Machester (i loved the little confetti -like the duck- that fell out when i opened it!)

^Ria sent me this beautiful postcard from venice

^postcrossing from austria that melted my heart-- her friend took this pic when they did work in Sudan. I want to hug each of them!!!

^Alyssa got stella's thank-you for her bow necklace

^reply to Hosanna

some postcrossings: 
^handmade one going to California - she mentioned loving okapi's (is it a shame i had to google to see what these animals were!)

^a postcrossing member in Germany who requested a Halloween one (i would love to know this kooky woman pictured)

^going to Lithuania (i told the person that i wore an itty bitty bikini once upon a time on the beaches of italia)

^postcard going to singapore (she asked for handmade ones especially and loves the eiffel tower)

^i sent our journal back to Lauren Nicole and realized i had two photos of my girl crush Penelope Cruz... ha! i love her, what can i say? i also ordered her an ephemera pack from zombie parts.

^a sympathy card for my jolie with a Mucha print i had been meaning to send. (Alphonse Mucha's art means something sentimental for him)


lurve you said...

the postcard from lithuania is hilarious! ...and penelope cruise looks adorable.

Erin said...

I can't wait for that email tomorrow!!! I've been picking up ornaments everywhere I go...

Claire Kiefer said...

I am pretty darn jealous of that eye makeup! And I got an origami heart from Phoenix too--SWEET. And means even more now that I know we both got them after our losses. I love you lots.

carmar76 said...

i adore the use of the nametag for the address label! i may just borrow that idea. and so ooooo oooo excited to get my name for the swap!! : )

Gracie said...

Yay for the ornament swap!

I love your handmade postcards. I think I should start making my own and get back into postcrossing!

lol that cute little confetti duck! I adore random cuteness.

Karolina said...

I love all the mail! And I'm waiting for your reply :) And yes, dog poop can be a bit disturbing at times :P


Alyssa said...

gosh girl, i dont know how you keep up with all this mail!!!!!

your letter is in the post :) xx

bklyn76 said...

wow, such great mail! um, as for the dog are a brave woman! i bow down to you b/c i can hardly take picking up my pooch's droppings, leave aside having them smeared on me!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I have a dog but have never ever cleaned up after her. You are so brave. hehehehe. Oh and all those packages! I'm so jealous!

Lindsey said...

:) glad you enjoyed! love! haha your job looks like so much fun, save for yesterday morning haha

Carolyn said...

I am really looking forward to the ornament swap!! I had great fun with it last Christmas and excited for more fun this Christmas! xoxo

PS Love the Post Cards! They are so much fun!!

kid. said...

this is a good motivation for me to get my correspondence back up. expect a love letter soon, dearie <3

Faiza said...

inhaling all the mail love!

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