Monday, November 1, 2010

Postal Service.

 in perfect postal timing, i got my ANTLERS! shirt in the mail, thanks to twinkie's husband! love love love it! and though i only got to wear it for tonight... i'm still proud of my RANGERS! they beat the Yanks and got this far when no one thought they could. PROUD TEXAS RANGERS FAN! claire, you're lucky i love you so much, congrats to your team! (just kidding, i love you regardless!)

^i LOVE this postcard from L. Nicole

^amazing zipper pouch of goodies from Bianca! how awesome is the pencil case she sewed into an envelope? i lurve it! thank you sooo much B! her letters are always so much fun to get xo

^from my first and dearest pen pal, Sanja in Slovenia (i've missed you!!!!)

^from my sweetheart zac, steph's son

^adorable package from adorable Kary & Miguelito! Do you spy my blog name on the front of her package?! BRILLIANT! Frida print she got me in mexico (authentico!) & a stella doll my puppies wanted to play with (seriously, stella was barking at it like it was a sister) + halloween candy! yum! and of course, the nicest card. Gracias, dulce amiga! x

^rhianne sent me, max, and our pups a pretty postcard while on holiday in Poland

^from my friend Monica in Chicago: holiday envelope seals, quote magnet and post-it notes (quotes are my fave), Table Topic questions for parties, and cute mints 

^LOVELY heart-touching gift from Wendy (the coffee coin purse? so me!) isn't her stationary cute? the key below and her note with it warmed my heart. What a beautiful beautiful thought! xoxo

^from pretty faiza sent me a beautiful book on amore with her cute card

^vintage parisian postcard for lauren

^care package for Melissa going through a break-up :( for a girl who's been there, i know how it feels. (ps. Melissa was kind to send me her wonder woman costume so i could wear it for max this year! how sweet is she?!) 

^i used a pin-up page as stationary for Phoenix

^a thank-you for my dear friend Kat & Baby Bono

^halloween card for Erin

^and one for Maria

^for megan

^a thank you to Monica

love letters from my lovies xo


Alyssa said...

DYING with excitement - i just came home and my package was sitting there waiting for me!! thankyou i love EVERYTHING!!!!


Kenza Salem said...

i loooooooove the
"tights are not pants" card.

that's great.

Claire Kiefer said...

Oh my goodness gracious this mail post may top them all. I have so many comments . . .
1. Bianca is clearly amazing. WHAT ON EARTH, a pouch envie?? I'm dying over here.
2. I love how your family has had pen pals forever. <3
3. Kary's package is GORGEOUS!
4. Note from Steph's son? Precious. I'm envious of the six puppies!
5. I kinda want to send Melissa a package too, now . . . ugh it sucks to be there. In fact, I might be approaching that very same state myself. :|
6. I have Megan Sparke mail envy, haha. I think she and I have a lot in common cause of the criminal justice thing!

Love you so much, and I love how much you love your Rangers. Loyal fans are the best fans. I'm totally a fair-weather Giants fan, and in a way, I wish your team had won, cause you care more. I'm passionate about the Saints and the Braves are my childhood team, but I'm not as committed to the Giants as you are to the Rangers. Your coach gave such an incredible speech, almost made me cry!


heather said...

you get the COOLEST things in the mail!!! it must be like christmas every afternoon when you go out to check the mailbox! i wish i had time to do crafty things like that. ;)

Megan said...

Oh I am so glad that Bianca's pencil case letter arrived - how amazing!! I love the Halloween card too funny.And of course cannot wait for my letter to arrive :-)

Faiza said...

sending you a world series sized hug because you are correct, your rangers did CREAM the yankees and made it to world series! GO RANGERS! love your superfanness micaela!

wishing you a beautiful week ahead with more mail love and blessings.

Melissa Allam said...

Great T-Shirt! I was rootin' for your Rangers Micaela. Sorry they didn't win. But they did at least get there to the big time. Yeah! Love you girl. Hope you are doing well.

Sanja said...

So sorry you had to wait 6 months for my letter. I promise to reply much earlier next time. Cannot wait to hear from you. Love you always. FF!

Fritzi Marie said...

Everything is so pretty. I love that you are so good at documenting treasure. I need to tell you again how much your care package meant to Bono Baby and me. He smelled and licked everyting. We are using his treats to help with his naughty habits. He is in love with his dono toy. IN LOVE.
Everything you chose to send me was so right on and it all meant so much to me.

love you dear friend,

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I was rooting for TX since I ma an Angel fan and you guys have two of our old players - Gurrero and Molina, sorry they lost :/ BUT like you said, they beat the Yanks and that's a big plus!

I saw the antlers on people but I don't get it lol. What am I missing?

Erin said...

Halloween card just arrived! Merci beaucoup... It's fun to drag each holiday out as long as one possibly can, non?

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