Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wanting to Know you Wens : ink date!

sorry this is being posted so much later than i had hoped!

i've had such a busy day. phew. but i'm excited to show off our ink! thank-you all who played along because you make these virtual dates fun. xo

my favorite tattoo, a gift from my twinkie. It's the japanese character for Heaven.

speaking of my twinkie...
^Marianne's tattoo (i forgot how light dyed my hair used to be!) 

remember when i told you we used to like WWF wrestling growing up? she got this tattoo design from the pants of her favourite wrestler, Shawn Michaels. Don't believe me? look at the life size stand-up of him she has where you'll see where that tattoo is placed...
hysterical yes,  but also very sweet. Marianne says not only is the tat for her love of the Heartbreak Kid, but also for me. Wrestling was such a passion for us as kids so when she thinks of wrestling she thinks of our happy childhood. Marianne: "To me this heart symbolizes you!" awww!

^Danielle's tattoo : "You know the saying, "birds of a feather flock together?" well, now that i have a feather, i'm part of the flock of my avian friends. and of course birds are my life, so having the feather is kind of like having that love forever."  

^one of jessie's tattoo : lyrics are her life and aerosmith, her love obsession = his lyrics (this was right after she got it) 

^tillie's tats. i like a girl who can pull off a tat on the breast (i just wish i had the boobs in the first place! ha) and "stay true" is on her left shin. 

^Phoenix's tats. The one on her back she says, "It isn't finished yet... eventually it will have more grey shading and then it will have the Stealth F117A  Nighthawk flying over it (the plane my daddy died in), and words "Ashes can't answer her pain" to remember my young cousin by." 

^Catherine's tattoo : "The only lasting physical reminder of teenage rebellion (thank goodness!), and not such a bad one, to boot." 

^Sheba's  tattoo on her shoulder : "i got this tattoo right before i moved to nyc. in the centre of the tribal sun is "om" which is the reflection of the absolute reality, it is said to be without beginning or the end and embracing all that exists. i like the meaning b/c it's a symbol of my culture [i was raised hindu] and it seemed like an auspicious symbol to begin my new adventure in nyc!"

^Taylor's tattoo : "I got it when I was 18, the day before I moved away from home for good. It was a time when I felt very self-aware and grounded, but I knew I would keep growing. So the anchor represents stability and the tree top represents growth, which can only come out of stability." 

^Steph's tattoo : her first child's name on her lower back. She got it when he was 1 years old because she knew "he would be the only man in my life forever!" She wants to get her son Zac's name next. 

^Ashley's sweet tattoos. The name for her daughter and the flowers remind her of her papa: "My papa made spurs and knives as a hobby and was soon a full time job for him. He made everyone in our family spurs with his bare hands and they were all different. On my spurs he put flowers. Two very very important people in my life that I have with me always." 

^two of Kendra's five tattoos : "I got the cursive at 16 across a friend's boyfriend's kitchen table, ha. It says, "Soyez Fort," or "be Strong," in French. The roses were added about a year ago." 

^Tina's tattoo: "This is my 'imagine peace on earth' tattoo... The rabbi who performed my (nondenominational) parents wedding is also the man who performed John Lennon & Yoko Onos wedding ceremony... tho George is my favorite Beatle... sorta connected to John!"

^Kary's tattoo: "In Mexico it is believed that when your loved ones pass away they become butterflies. I got the tattoo done on an April morning and my Granddaddy Betito who was very dear to me and Miguelito {her adorable son} passed away that same day in the night. It reminds me of him and whenever I look at my tattoo I think of my Betito."

^Wendy's adorable rabbit tattoo!

^Kim's tattoo : "my bird represents all the amazing ways in which i grew as a woman through my experiences living in san francisco.  a week after i graduated college i literally sold everything in my apartment in tennessee and flew to san francisco with only two boxes of belongings.  i didn't know anyone, i didn't have any place to live, and i didn't have a job... it was an adventure to say the least!  This is my favorite picture from our honeymoon to thailand where we got to experience a buddhist ritual wherein we covered a buddha ritual wherein we covered a buddha statue with pieces of gold." 

thank-you SO VERY MUCH for playing along lovies!! i happen to like tats (though my husband-to-be doesn't agree which sucks because i'm itching for a fourth tat!) so thanks for showing me your ink and sharing the lovely meanings!

ps. he probably doesn't want me to get one because i've been wanting to get one of robbie's on me somewhere (ha!) 

true story: when me and max were just best friends (before we were dating) he went to the tattoo parlor with me because i was going to get the latin phrase robbie has on his chest- stands for "to each his own"- on a much smaller scale on my inner thigh... (somewhere i could hide).  The guy there couldn't get the font exactly like it or close to it...  so i changed my mind.  yup... true story. i still dream of it though...

 have i mentioned i'm the biggest Robbie Williams fan there ever was? in fact, April took this photo for me in London because she knows i am. April, i love you! xo


kid. said...

ah, so sad i forgot to e-mail you with mine! your blog is always inspiring me and making me want to add things to my to-do list.
write more letters
get a third tattoo ;)

etc etc

Fritzi Marie said...


I LOVE what Kary said about butterflies. It makes me feel so so so so so so so so much better about my butterfly.

love love,

p.s. This was so much fun to lookie lou at.

Phoenix Peacock said...

I hope Marz shared the postcard of Robbie with you. I really debated between which of you I'd send it to

carmar76 said...

love seeing all the beautiful ink, and reading the stories behind them. thank you for doing these wens posts!! : )

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

what a fun date! i loved seeing everyone's tattoos, and it REALLY makes me want another (even though chris hates them).

bklyn76 said...

omg, i'm laughing over the sweet story of the heartbreak kid! that's too cute!

i'm in awe of anyone who can get a tat on their belly! i would think that would hurt like a ...

i've been itching for more ink for a few years now [hubby has two large ones that he keeps adding to] but can never decide just what i want!

thanks for posting some inspiration!

Leesh said...

I thought I sent you a photo of my tattoo but I guess I didn't My tattoos are small and not as cool as the ones you posted.

It was very interesting to see what others got.

Question for you - did the tattoo on the top of your foot hurt? I wanted to get one of the side of my foot.

shelly said...

boo! i totally forgot to send you my pic. o weel, i will play next week :)

ps- your sisters tat made me laugh! who knew?? too cute

erin elder said...

Oh all of these tattoos are wonderful!! I love the stories behind them too...

these make me actually want a tattoo!!

Tillie said...

heheheh its me and my legs and my boobs! hahah. I love it. You are amazing miss and miss you a whole lot! I cant wait to get more... infact, i think i am going to make an appointment and give myself an early christmas present. YUM!

Megan said...

This is one of my favourite Getting to know you Wednesday posts... i am so jealous of everyones tatts and its great to hear the meaning behind them all.

Megan said...

P.S Brendan doesnt like tatts either but I think once I get it he will like them more haha I hope.

Kimbirdy said...

oh there are so many awesome tattoos here! i feel so honored to be among the lovely tattooed ladies! :)

Carmella said...

great tattoos!

darn! so sorry i missed out on this one! i have a couple i'd like to show off! :)

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