Tuesday, November 2, 2010

thrifting date.

me and danielle (she is just as pretty as you think she is!) met up at our favourite antique shop downtown to do some shopping for the vintage jewelry swap we're in. We found pretty pieces... and then some! 
obviously i'm keeping what i got my swap partner a surprise, but here's the rest of my loot : postcards, lace paper doilies, little ceramic deer planter, and a pretty frame. Surprisingly, i left with a light pile although i was so upset a beautiful enamel desk was sold that i wanted. What was worse is there was no "sold" sign on it so i went excitedly to the front desk, only to have my thrifting heart crushed. Uuuugh. i'm still kicking myself i didn't get to it first. 

my favorite addition wasn't anything at the antique shop... 

check out the beautiful Dinosaur Toes ring danielle made for me! i absolutely love it!!! isn't it beautiful? max joked that the rock danielle gave me is bigger than the one he gave me-- since she did ask me to marry her when she gave it to me. Her friendship is seriously a gem (no pun intended!) - one of the best things about moving to lynchburg, va.

i'm a huge fan of her shop and if you haven't checked it out yet, what rock are you living under? (i'm full of puns today!)

Danielle, thanks for the fun! we'll have to meet up again soon and grab a bite beforehand at the new tea room. i am loving my "engagement ring" xoxo


Claire Kiefer said...

you are both so beautiful! I'm a bit envious that I couldn't go with you. I think I'm headed to the Alemany Flea Market to find my vintage jewelry treasures . . . although you are far more an expert at this kind of thing than I am! Love your findings and especially your ring from Danielle--she is not only pretty but so talented!

Fallon said...

You're both beautiful girls =)
Nice that you get to hang out in real life!

Megan said...

You girls are both so gorgeous. I love the ring that Danielle made you. So glad you posted about the swap - as I never received an email about my partner :-S So chasing it up now.

Caroline said...

You two are the cutest!!! Love the both of your blogs!!! XO

my name is lauren. said...

so jealous you get to hang out with danielle often! i'd love to go shopping for little treasures with BOTH of you!

glad you found some pretty little gems and also came away with a proposal :).


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i had fun, but of course i always do, because you're my only local friend who likes to dig for treasures!

yes, i definitely want to go to the tea room!

i still can't believe your small pile. you make me feel like a packrat.

love you, fiancee!

Rhianne said...

wow, that is a big rock, I love it!

I want to come hang out with you two lovelies, no fair :)

FourJedis said...

Two beautiful ladies, and two lovely blogs! Glad you got to enjoy each other! Love the goodies you picked up!

Karolina said...

I love the deer figure, I adore anything to do with deer :D


Farah said...

You both have such beautiful smiles! :)

Sanja said...

wow, mickey! look at you two...stunning!!! your amiga looks gorgeous. so do you, bella.

Cassie said...

I love all the vintage pictures in your first shot particularly the snowy house. Is it a local picture or a house of special interest?

Lauryn said...

You two are both insanely gorgeous! Looks like you had a fun day! I love the creativity with the rocks :) Very original!

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