Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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While Erin and her family is away enjoying London for a few more days, i was thrilled to be asked to keep her reader's company.

She asked us to share a favourite summer vacation memory. I instantly thought of one place:


please check out my guest post on Pugh's News today, and tell Erin how much i've missed her. 

Unfortunately, the internet was acting cheeky & my post had kinks in it as sweet Erin apologized. Since there's a sentimental reason why i chose this once upon a time Mansion in Memphis over Italy, i will re-post my guest post as it's meant to look like here but disable the comments so you can please leave them on Erin's blog spot

Graceland was a huge life list of mine checked off last summer when my darling fiance (then boyfriend) surprised me on our road trip home from meeting his parents in Virginia. 

It was very well the surprise of a lifetime.

I am the girl who wrote my high school thesis on Elvis Presley. When I hear Return to Sender i HAVE to sing along and think of my Momma because it's our song. (If you haven't read "Elvis and Me" by Priscilla you must.)

This love for the King was given to me by my Mom who grew up pretty poor in the Philippines but would always save up her lunch money when a new Elvis film was out. It's a love she passed on to me, something we share. When I moved to Virginia in January to be with my fiance, my Momma gave me her VHS Elvis collection. I realize VCRS are hardly around these days, but to me this perfect Elvis video collection is an heirloom I want to one day pass on to my daughter.

When I hear "Return to Sender," I think of my Momma and the teenage girl she was, long before I was even in her life, adoring the one and only Elvis in his glory.

It is why when I stood in front of Graceland last summer i had felt like i had made it! Like a dream of ours was coming true...

inside the "Jungle Room"

I only wish my Momma was with me to experience it.

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