Saturday, November 5, 2011

hello, sales!

when it's not a thrifted outfit, i love a good sale-- especially when it comes to shoes. I have never really worked part-time hours until my most recent job so watching my budget has taken some getting used to (meaning, sometimes i'm down to single digit dollars before my next paycheck). 

Since i work in retail, i've been on the hunt for flat boots. Where does a girl on a budget go? Payless BOGO sale! incase you're a babe on a budget, check out my savings: 

Lower East Side's Riley Tall Slouch Boot (reg price $39.99 / sale $34.99)

what i love most is you can pull the boot over your knee or cuff it, as pictured

i got these wedge pumps half off (reg price $26.99)

(side note : does anyone else but me notice shoe names? i love the name of the brand... i'm such a dexter nerd obviously) these are so comfortable! (they also have them in a beautiful red and leopard print. ugh, it took will power not to get them also)

speaking of BOGO... my girlfriend tiffany told me about target's online deal :

go "like" them on facebook for a promo code and you can buy the perfect cardigan to wear over dresses this winter like i did, because i'm a sucker for elbow patches and a good deal (thanks tiffy!). 
Mossimo Grandpa Cardigan $24.99

scored any good deals lately? do share, please! xo


Iris Ashley said...

i love your grandpa cardigan! too cute! i saw some wedge pumps like that at target (in light grey) and this totally makes me want to go back for them!

gloriously said...

Yeah! I got 350.00 worth of clothing for.... drumroll.... 20.00! Jacket. Two piece outfit, formal top, 2 piece night clothes, top

its simple love said...

Love the elbow patches! I ned me one of them sweaters.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

micaela, we must be thinking alike! i just got those wedges in leopard print last week and now all i can think about is what outfits i can put together so i can wear my new shoes. AND i got a pair of flat boots, too! hahaha!

and elbow patches, i've been planning a little something involving them for my blog.

seriously, have you been stalking me or something?!


Leesh said...

Elbow patches are awesome. I am kinda jealous of my hubby because he has two sweaters with elbow patches.

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